Meanwhile for some Good News~
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Thread: Meanwhile for some Good News~

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    Meanwhile for some Good News~

    I just love it when the Kenyan gets one stuck up his Keister:{politically speaking of course}

    Israeli election means Obama likely stuck with Netanyahu | Fox News

    Now Back to Moab Planning "The Final Chapter"....about 40 hours from Lift Off and Counting
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    Even better is the interview with Dick Cheney for Playboy magazine. Cheney unloads on Zero calling him the worst President in his life time and exactly why Jimmy (Mr. Peanut) Carter is happy to be elevated from the bottom of the list.

    The US would do well with a guy such as Netanyahu in the WH.

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    Us old dinos are just going to have to get used to the fact the ignorant majority is throwing away all our freedoms. Enjoy your Moab trip, such adventures won't be long in being history, too. By the time the majority realizes what they have lost it will be too late. Mark my words, for I've studied history, and it's pretty easy to see the patterns repeat.

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