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    Sep 2010
    It seems to me I bumped in to another Yamaha XS650 twin owner on the forums some time ago.

    I've got one [1981]I'm about to put up for sale and need some advice.


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    Old Dog, I'm not sure I can claim to be an owner of the xs 650. I had a short relationship with one which I bought for cheap thinking it would be a good bike to work on. I did get it to run (new battery, new plugs) but the vibrations and cadence of the beast soon convinced me it was not the bike that I wanted to ride (or invest great sums in), however there are those that do (they probably started riding motorcycles 40 years earlier in life than I did). There are several good websites devoted to these bike, and many routes for customization that make them desirable to a large community. Good luck in passing the bike on to an eager xs enthusiast. Tom
    Tom - TW200 2002, Kawasaki VN 500 2006

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    First street bike I ever rode solo was a 1976 XS-650. Classic Bike magazine has had several tech pages devoted to timing and valve adjustment. Also some very nice XS based street trackers too.

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    High Desert, California
    Old dog, how close are you to the zip code 92307. An XS650 is on my list of bikes to own someday.

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    Smyrna, GA, USA
    I bought an '81 XS-850-SG new when they came out. Had around 160,000 on the odometer when I sold it in '06. It had a lot in common with the 650.

    Stephen S.

    '07 TW200:

    15/50 sprockets, O-ring chain, D2Moto foot pegs

    tweaked carb (127.5 jet, 0.019 needle shim, idle screw @2.25),

    Rubbermaid "Action Packer" on homemade brackets

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    Sep 2010
    See the thing is,due to some financial setbacks and health problems,I can't afford to keep her.

    I bought one new back in '81 and had her 10+ years.Only problems I had with her were some I caused myself.

    I thought she handled fine with bronze swingarm bushings and decent shocks.But I'm not an aggressive rider

    This one,I bought a few years ago from the 2nd or 3rd owner.There is an issue with the charging system.I am not mechanically inclined enough to take care of it myself and there aren't any good motorcycle mechanics close by.The last 'perfessional' couldn't figure out the kick starter.

    This one is in decent shape otherwise;original pipes,no serious scratches or dings.It rides good but there is a heavyness in the steering that I haven't figured out yet.Tires look good but are aging and should be replaced.Still riding on the factory[crap]swing arm bushings.

    But once she warms up,open the throttle and around 2500-3000 she hits a sweet spot that can make a young girl squeal,and an older woman blush.

    She sings.

    That is my biggest problem.I go to sell her, decide to take one last ride and fall in love all over again.

    And now I've got to try and sell her without strangling some dipshit who doesn't know a kickstart from a dildo.Still trying to figure out how to weed out the dummies.

    Be great to see her go to another experienced 650 owner

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