Your daily dose of crazy.
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Thread: Your daily dose of crazy.

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    Your daily dose of crazy.

    The language is not even remotely safe for work, so don't click on it if you will be offended by crude words. On the other hand, I wonder how this will will work out for her?

    Screw This Court

    Also, how do you change what the computer shortens the URL to? I would have preferred to have the link read something else but still go to the appropriate address but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Any Rick Roll experts here?
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    nice LOL

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    Probably not so much before, but I can certainly see the FBI speaking to her now! Well probably the Marshall's service, but yeah.

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    She certainly does have a way with words! LOL

    I get the distinct impression that she does not like this judge even a little! What I do find interesting, but I am not versed in legalezze, It sounds like she does have a valid point and case. She is barking at the moon however and it won't get her very far.

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