Getting closer.
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Thread: Getting closer.

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    Getting closer.

    Just looked at my countdown clock 14 months or 250 workdays till I Retire! then I can do this TW stuff full time.

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    I know the feeling and now it is starting to take over my life lol. At least it isn't drugs, but it does change you attitude about life.
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    Go to work, go to sleep, keep doing what you enjoy and it will be here soon enough. Counting down is like watching water and waiting for it to boil. When I began my 24th year I promised myself I would not watch and toil over the last 12 months and they flew right by in a flash. I will admit that the last month was the longest month of my career.

    Good luck and I hope the time flies but once you do retire put it in first gear or on cruise control and enjoy.

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    Good for ya Z. I know you are looking forward to it. Let's see...we are the same age, and I have about 15 years to that's a considerable bit remaining to pull in harness. But, self employed, no pension, health insurance rates what they now's a factual reality. Last I looked I can't even get partial SS until 67 1/2, and that wouldn't cut it anyways. Medicare will help of course...if it's still around by the time I'm eligible. For that matter who is to say that SS will be around.

    Then again, as I noted here before, I used the Travis McGee method, took my retirement in chunks ever since I've been working. So, in reality, by the time I'm 70 I will have actually "worked" about the same amount of time as you by the time you retire. I guess that's fair. And I got to do a lot of stuff when I was young enough and strong enough to really enjoy it. Problem is, that retirement right now thing is starting to look better and better every year as I age. Oh well, you makes your decisions and then you live with the choices.

    You will have to do a bunch of cool stuff and post it up so I can retire vicariously.
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