I'm not easily impressed. I'm impressed.
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Thread: I'm not easily impressed. I'm impressed.

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    I'm not easily impressed. I'm impressed.

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    How amazing would it be if like desalinization, ships could manufacture their own fuel. I am sure that is decades away but still an awesome concept. It looked like hydrogen fuel cells were going to be the fuel of the future but that is not advancing as rapidly as was expected. Iceland seems to be the only country with the infrastructure to support it. Hopefully this will progress faster, it appears to be closely related to hydrogen fuel cell technology.
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    Sooo does this mean the price of air and water is going up?

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    That sound you hear is a Saudi crapping his pants.
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    Remember Stanley Meyer's fuel cell. Most people thought the Goverment killed him.

    Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Nothing will ever come of this - you can be sure if it works, the gas and oil companies and their lobby will kill it real quick.
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    Leave it to the Germans! True engineering masterminds!
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