Well ladies and gentlemen, it's Hiatus time again. I will see you in the fall.
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Thread: Well ladies and gentlemen, it's Hiatus time again. I will see you in the fall.

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    Well ladies and gentlemen, it's Hiatus time again. I will see you in the fall.

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    It's harder this year kids. I love each and every one of you and you have made my life over the last year so much richer. Have a wonderful summer, be safe, have fun, and I will look forward to catching up on your antics when the summer work season is over. Peace, Love, and Happiness.

    Always remember, no matter how difficult I seem at times the Borneo loves you. I'll check my PMs for a week or two, so if you need my personal email let me know. Doc, you be a good boy in Africa.
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    Noooo. Now who will ignore my smart arse comments? Seriously though, enjoy your summer, your family, and your peace and quiet. See you after the fall harvest.

    Take care,
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    I think I will join you I will PM you my Address.
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    Enjoy and return safely!
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    No No No, it seems you "just got back"!! No No No, you can't leave us brother!

    Have a nice trip! Check in if you can and say hi! Yes, send me your email address please.

    Godspeed and hurry back beloved brother!
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    Enjoy your summer Borneo! We'll miss you around here, see you in the fall!
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    Please have a safe and enjoyable time.

    Be careful.

    And that goes for all of you.

    I'm off to go look at a PC800. Need some Tupperware for the collection.
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    So untill the Fall...Vaya con Dios,Happy Trails Amigo! What shall we do without our Krazy Kurt? Boo Hoo. To quote a famous dead indian " We shall endeaver to persavere"
    Maybe Weasel and Harm can get some good riding in and keep us posted now and then.
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    Take care
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    Bis ich von Ihnen hore wieder!

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