Deer Crossing
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Thread: Deer Crossing

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    Deer Crossing

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    Don't take life too seriously ..... no-one gets out alive.
    It's not about waiting for storms to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
    And be yourself ..... everyone else is taken!

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    That's one lucky guy. It could have been much, much worse.
    '01 TW200, '03 Z1000, '09 KLR 650, '13 CRF250L

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    oh wow... that's nasty.

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    I've seen all the deer on that highway. Thank god our deer only eat styrofoam and feathers.

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    Oh, deer...

    I ruined a Burgman-clone Chinese scooter the same way. I used it - don't laugh! - as a 35-mile commuter ride. It was fully up to it; and it was as good on the road as the Burgman 400 on which it was based.

    Alas, support was non-existent.

    So I'm half a mile from work, out in the country; and there's a band of fog laying across the road. Early morning, early summer. And sure enough, there was a herd of those things, hiding in the fog...apparently thought the fog provided SAFETY on the road.

    I hit the brakes, but I DID have to get through it; and it WAS a highway. Stopping dead could get me killed.

    I whacked a young buck on the head, just off-center. It peeled that scooter like you'd break a plastic toy...the front molding, all the way to the flat floorboards, was in eight pieces all over the road.

    Fortunately I didn't go down. I think the plastic served a purpose, in taking some of the shock. Impact was at 35 mph.

    The scooter was rolling but unsalvageable - no reasonable way to get parts (i went through it already with a major warranty repair that took ELEVEN MONTHS). And the deer was probably dead, but I wasn't going back to check his pulse. But I didn't test my body armor that day, anyway...
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    Friends of mine had a run in with a pair of deer during a Poker Run. Both bikes were Goldwings. Deer decided to cross the road in front of them. Couple in front cut one deer in half, taking out the front of the fairing, and all the lights. He managed to stay upright and stop safely.

    My other friend wasn't as lucky. The second deer hit him at an angle and he went down. Had to be air lifted to the hospital.
    Stephen S.

    '07 TW200:

    15/50 sprockets, O-ring chain, D2Moto foot pegs

    tweaked carb (127.5 jet, 0.019 needle shim, idle screw @2.25),

    Rubbermaid "Action Packer" on homemade brackets

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    Years ago a friend of mine center punched a deer while riding down a rail road track. He did not go down but it was something watching him bounce off one rail then then other like a pinball!

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