Talk me out of moving to San Jose or California
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Thread: Talk me out of moving to San Jose or California

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    Talk me out of moving to San Jose or California

    My family is moving to San Jose, CA. While being close to family is good, i've had to give up my concealed carry privelages for the past 3 years when i left TX to move to NY. I see that NY is also very anti- dual sport as Most of my rides have been in PA. Can anyone here suggest places in CA that are both concealed handgun and dual sport friendly. It was a horrible time when i had to leave my 5 handguns in PA and eventually sell them. I miss them very much.

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    Year round riding can be done in California, just a shortage of quality dual sport (i.e. dirt) destinations near San Jose. The mild weather can be habit forming. Travel a bit and opportunities expand. I'm no expert but someone was advising me the other day on still being able to get Utah concealed weapons permit honored by California, classed conducted in california too, renewable from California also. Or holster the handguns, park the TW and take up a California pastime like Surfing and paying taxes.
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    The only good news I can give you is that San Jose is close enough to be one of the "Nor Cal Nut Jobs" clan. So dual sport riding not such a big prob. Lots of places around here to enjoy a good ride, and a great support group.

    Some areas of Ca. have good sheriffs who will issue a ccw. Here in Mendocino co. we're lucky to have that. Not sure how that will work in SJ, but easy to find out.

    You are still allowed to own handguns in the P.R.O.C. There is a list of what is considered "Safe" new hand guns, and that list grows smaller all the time. But there are still good ones on there, and you can get used hand guns as well, just have to go thru a gun shop do do your transfer. Also if you own any handguns now, you are required to regester them when you move to California. Talk to a good gun store about how that works.

    You have one other advantage: Your coming from NY to Ca. That's kinda like crossing county lines in hell... no big deal. (oh yeah, less snow! Oh crap, no water!) m.
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    Still in California but about 250 miles north of San Jose is Humboldt county which has lots of forest with logging and fire access roads. Along the coast there are places to ride on the beach as well. If you go off on a trail you just have to watch out and don't ride into any cartel controlled pot grows

    In Humboldt as long as you don't have a felony conviction it's pretty easy to get a CCW. Several good shooting clubs as well.

    Spring day at 3000 ft. Takes about twenty minutes to get there from beach.
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    I spent two years in San Jose, and a total of ten years in the SF Bay Area. It's really quite a nice place. Like the others say, dual sport riding is a bit sparse, but there are tons of great paved roads for street riding. You can go down to Hollister Hills SVRA for some nice off-road riding, or head east across the valley to the Sierras for all kinds of dual sport opportunities. If you go east of Sacramento, I can tell you all about great places to ride north and south of Lake Tahoe.

    I'd rather live in San Jose than NY any day of the week.
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    I thought, talk you out of going to California, then I read where you are coming from. All I can say is don't look back.
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    Talk me out of moving to San Jose or California

    Spent 5 mos in San Jose last year. Hated it at first, then I found out you could fish off of public piers w/out a license. The fishing opportunities there make me miss the place, but watching the news every night out there sure made me wish I could carry.ImageUploadedByTapatalk1432666227.828478.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1432666257.640608.jpg
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    Move to Medford, Oregon. Oregon has concealed carry and you can do the Utah Concealed also since they do not accept each others permits. Lots of good riding in this region and in Northern California. It will be pretty easy finding riding partners, there is a FB group down there that is VERY active. Medford is a fairly large city with a variety of work options. And no sales tax.
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    Talk you out of it? You couldn't talk me into living in kalifornia nor new York. There are some nice people in both places but I won't live in a place that doesn't respect my God given rights. I'd rather make less money, pay less taxes, buy a house that is affordable etc.

    You couldn't talk me into moving there. My brother lived in SJ in the 80s and moved to North Carolina in the 90s and never looked back.

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    If you end up there. My wife grew up there and loves to tell the story about how locals react to earthquakes. She loved it when one hit while she was in a mall. When thing start shaking locals sort of take on a surfing stance. (or up on the pegs stance for us). feet spread, knees bent, ride it out. Tourists scream, run, and fall down. :-)
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