Another senior moment?
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Thread: Another senior moment?

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    Another senior moment?

    At 66 I don't know if this is to be expected, or I should be worried. It has been a succession of incidents. The last one I remember was unloading my TW off my trailer, after I unlatched the hitch and tongue lock. After the bike got past the balance point, the front of the trailer went up, and the back hit the ground. Luckily the bikes kickstand was down and it happened slow enough that maintained enough control as to prevent falling over or allowing the trailer to roll forward into the tailgate.

    The most recent incident took place a day or two ago. I purchased a nice, well built table saw used. It was at an estate sale and it had not been used in many, many years. It would make a nice project and just the table and 'workings' were worth $75, at least in my mind.

    The motor did not work. Replaced the wiring, checked the switch and soldered the new wires in place. Still no go. I had two extra motors, so no problem.

    However, what stands out as the 'head scratcher' is; the blade that came with the saw as old, worn and without markings. It appeared to be a small 71/4" hand saw type blade. Once I got the new motor in place, the bearings and worm gears greased, I was ready to give it a try. Given that I have two hand held saws, I removed a good blade from one of those to replace to old unmarked blade. Upon starting the saw, I marveled at how quiet it was. With new grease, the blade height and angle adjustments were soooooo easy. What I noted however was that the newish blade was turning in the wrong direction (). Hummm, perhaps old blades were designed differently, or the old motor was wired differently. Well, being the smart guy I like to think I am, I looked at my new motor, saw the wiring schematic and flipped a couple of wires to get the saw/motor to turn in the appropriate direction for the new/old blade. Problem solved, hummm. Now you old handyman types are already smiling. Poor mrgizmow it's likely the best you can come up with. Those of you that are not familiar with my sensitive nature () might be muttering something like, 'what a stupid old fart'. Those of you that have not had a lot of saw experience are still likely awaiting a tip from the old sage.

    Fact is folks, should a circular saw blade be turning in the wrong direction, simply flip it over as the teeth will now be facing in the opposite direction. No need to flip the wires on the motor, at least for a table saw. A bandsaw is a different story. As I have them all, I am perplexed and concerned that I missed the obvious.........

    I have always marched to the beat of a different drummer. I am now concerned that I am being led in a direction I don't want to go. Gerry
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    Take care my Friend.........

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    Gerry I think your ok.... when someone finds you trying to open the car doors with the TV remote then you need to revisit this thread.
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    If the first is a senior moment then the Mr and I are equally guilty of having such. We did almost exactly the same thing. Unhitched the trailer, unloaded bike #1, then noticed the trailer was a bit light.
    Promptly carried on and attempted to unload bike #2 anyway.
    Thanks to a bit of fancy footwork the bike was rolled off the rail in at least a semi-controlled fashion.
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    I've been like that since sometime in my 40s!

    Constantly walking to get something and not remembering what I went for.

    And it ain't getting better.

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    Gerry I seem to remember you mentioning doing that before, or am I having a senior moment?

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    I guess on the plus side, this is the first time in my life I can really 'multi-task'. As I get halfway to my shop I realize I forgot what I was going to the shop for; however, I recall that the bush I just walked by was the one the Wife asked me to trim a week ago. I proceed to the shop for the pruning shear. I then see the spool of wire that I meant to put in the wire welder last night. I replace the spool, forget once again about the bush trimming. Unfortunately the soldering iron remains on for another 2 hours; which I think was the original reason I was heading to the shop. God help me.............. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Welcome to the world of "age" Gerry!!!!

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    No worries Gerry, welcome to human race. I thought it would all get better when I stopped smoking pot when I turned 40. Nope.
    Later I realized that my Dad was the same way. Makes you wonder about all these politicians over 40 or so. I figure the trick is
    to "do no harm" and "try and help others" well and "don't get injured".
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    I remember going along when a herd of deer jumped out. Hit those brakes so hard the motor stopped.. Hm I looked at the fuses etc.. No go, called a buddy with a trailer.. Loaded up and he dropped me off.. Reloaded onto a second trailer to take in for service.. ------------pause--------- meanwhile my daughter stopped in to say hi.. Asked me what was wrong.. So I showed her.. "NOTHING" Well she took about 2 seconds to turn "ON" the kill switch... Hmmm. smart kid... OMM.
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    The blade on the saw may have been reversed by the PO so he could cut vinyl siding and you just followed his lead! BTW, if you use a 7 1/4 inch blade where a 10 inch blade should be the RPMs are way above what the saw blade should be running at.

    As far as the other issues, I am not sure if it is age related or not. I have my mind in gear all the time thinking about a number of different projects bouncing around inside my head. Go to the basement to get something and forget what I went for or forget to take something back down that I left right by the door for the next trip. Enter those tiny but very useful post it notes. I always have a small pad close by and make a note to self, "Get the wrench or cut at 16 5/8ths or what ever the hell I was thinking about before making the run. I can't tell you how many times I walked out to the barn to get the tractor/mower only to get all the way there and have to return to get the key. Now I have a spare key hidden in the barn if I can remember the hiding spot!

    I try to prepare for my forgetfulness on things like installing the drain plug in the boat before I launch it or disconnecting the lights before dunking the trailer. We are all human and many of us have too much stuff bouncing around in our brains all the time and there is no way to "Defragment our hard drives". There was some other point I wanted to make here but I forgot it!

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