Plumbstraight look-a-like.
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Thread: Plumbstraight look-a-like.

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    Plumbstraight look-a-like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old w/2 many guns & bikes View Post
    On my way over to the Boise foothills this morning to do some exploring (got lost, 3 crashes, at least 2 should be on video) and saw a truck was on the shoulder of the highway. It appeared that one person may have been working on adjusting the load. The other person was trying to direct people to change lanes (or at least move over in the lane next to the truck). This waver looked like P.S. down to the white beard and long sleeve light colored shirt. I started to slow down and pull over - but figured "what are the chances + and I would be making more of a chance for a wreck; so kept going.

    If anyone has a picture of P.S. standing on the street corner waving at all the cars as they go by (as some folks his age are prone to do) - please post it; and I will try to confirm if it was him! -J-
    This is PS headed to California for the June Russ ride. 1017112_10151542915753002_1135702036_n.jpg
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    I don't see no red "TW 200 Rider" suspenders though.
    2003 TW200 "Betty Boop"
    2006 TW200 "Nibbler", a.k.a. “Mr.Gizmo"
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    LOL, you fellas are great! Had a good chuckle. Well at least the Rams are right on as I drive a Dodge. Well actually I have one of each major brand to cover the bases.

    Not the Budwieser wagon as the sign says, but there might be a bit of moonshine in my wagon. Could be one of my relatives as they came from W. Virginia.
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