Way off topic....270 Win....
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Thread: Way off topic....270 Win....

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    Way off topic....270 Win....

    Have never owned one...just picked one up for the wife...just looking for advice on a powder to start working up a mule deer load...

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    Jack O'Connor was the poster boy for the .270 back in the day. I believe his "pet" load was 49 grains of 4064 under a 130 grain bullet. But my memory ain't that great. That, I believe, was the load he found to be most accurate in a 24" barrel. I think his hunting loads were at times hotter and heavier. I recommend his book "Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns" if you are a gun guy. You can get a used copy off Amazon for around three bucks.
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    Oh good, a re-loading thread!
    I would go my trusty Speer reloading manual once I decided on bullet weight and construction but many others may have a lot more experience and knowledge with the 270. I just reloaded for magnum revolvers with slow burning powders so have nothing useful to share. Anxious to read other's replies though.
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    .270 win. Is one of my favorites. You need to check out the 130 Barnes TTSX above IMR4350. I believe you could work up a .5 MOA load w/ out any trouble. There a little pricey but who cares, a big Muley. And an ethical take down.... Priceless...!
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    Any of the medium to slower rifle powders would work fine, so if you already have a powder you use for other full size rifle cartridges that is what I would start with. 4895, 4064, H380 etc. would work fine. The 4350s, 4831, Winchester 760 etc. will be your top choices if you don't already have anything suitable.
    Actually I think even the cheap .50 BMG powders that Jeff Bartlett (gibrass.com) carries works well for .270.
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    Here is what the wife bought.
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    I have used my 270 for many game animals, and is a good choice for the lady. I have used most bullet weights from 130 to 150 depending upon my use. I would suggest using your on hand powder if it is listed in the Speer Manual. I usually start by loading one powder weight below their listed recommend load with 9-12 round, the same for the recommended load, and a series of 9-12 with the load weight above the recommended. Every rifle barrel will have it's own accuracy load. Take your pick of what you like for accuracy. I find that some of the best accuracy is loaded down, not up.
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    Hell of a good looking Remington in a great caliber......but put that original stock back on and glass bed that puppy and it will be even better IMO! How old is it?
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    Even if you do not appreciate the looks of that thumbhole stock, it WILL make you a more accurate shooter in the offhand position. Since this is a hunting rifle I would leave it on. It is also easier to support the rifle with just your shooting hand while freeing your supporting hand to retrieve a grunt call or work some rattling antlers. Function before form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flathats View Post
    have never owned one...just picked one up for the wife...just looking for advice on a powder to start working up a mule deer load...
    imr 4350
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