Received my first job offer today.
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Thread: Received my first job offer today.

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    Received my first job offer today.

    I was offered a job today for when I retire in 10 months starting out at $120,000 a year for planning and running a small crew installing natural gas lines to pool heater he has a lot of pool companies he runs lines for.
    My old dive buddy owns the plumbing company. Big Steve I took him to the Bahamas last year I think this helped. 11119869_10205217967760838_33180821_n.jpg Big Steve on the right.
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    Big Steve clearing his ears and my left eye. GOPR0094.JPG and the Boat above.

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    Sounds like an awesome deal!!!

    but not quite retired...... Lol

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    Not sure you are asking for advice, but you did post on the forum.

    Just a thought for you. Considering relative value.

    I retired 8 years ago.
    Like you, I made plans to save and invest, and should be OK. I have diversified and strategized to let the market do its thing, but assuming it doesnt go totally bonkers, I am over the top for my lifestyle.

    Now, if I had worked those past eight years, and earned say $120K per, that would be an extra $960K in the mix.
    Lets say I saved half after taxes and costs...$480,000!! Almost half a million dollars!

    Heres the thing....

    The extra $480K, which I did not need, could not be exchanged for:

    One year,

    one month,

    one week,

    not even one second...

    ....of the retirement time that I was working and saving for!

    A big part of those eight years would have been lost, and those were years of health and opportunity to live life, to do what I had wanted to do. What I had planned to do.
    Those were years that my wife and I travelled, spent time together, went out for trips on our boat.
    Mornings we slept in and listened to the rain. Trips we extended a few days just because we could...
    Those are years we can never have again.

    Like I said, just a thought...
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