Bearing It
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Thread: Bearing It

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    Cool Bearing It

    In Alaska, the Troopers and the Fish & Game enforcement officers go to the same training and can overlap on jobs for coverage. The Troopers wear a blue uniform, and the FG cops wear a brown one. Sometimes the game wardens are called "Brown Shirts".

    Except on this day, this FG cop who filmed this may have been a Brown Shorts.....
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    That marine 12ga was closer to the bear than the camera man! I never thought I would say this but that bear was really cute!

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    That had to have been the longest minute and a half of that guy's life!

    Very impressive animal.
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    I would have been dead. Heart attack! That is awesome though!
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    Tell you a bear story.
    I have a for fun retirement job in the summers for the past two years working as a deckhand on a charter boat and viewing guide at a bear observatory about 30 miles from town. We take people there by boat and the skipper stays with the boat while I go ashore and walk the group up a trail along a creek about 3/4 mile to a waterfall where the salmon school up, and the bears, both black and brown, come to fish. There is a raised deck and an outhouse at the falls.
    I usually have from 10 to 16 people and we sometimes encounter bears along the way, but mostly the bears are at the falls where the fish are. I carry a gun and pepper spray, but mostly rely on common sense, have never had to shoot. So far.
    Anyway, this summer amongst all the other bears, we had a big brown/grizzly sow with three adolescent cubs frequenting the area. She was making false charges at people on the trail, very aggressive.
    One day at the obsrvatory, I had a client ask to go to the outhouse. I checked the area and started over that way with him when the sow and all 3 cubs suddenly came out of the woods from behind the outhouse. We were maybe 30 feet away, but it seems plenty close with 4 bears in front of you.
    I got my client back to the observation deck, and we watched the bears until they went down to the creek to fish. So I asked the guy if he still needed to use the outhouse.
    "No I already took care of that!" he said.

    When I take these people on this walk, on the way in I stop and talk about how we need to stay together, make noise, dont run, follow my commands, etc.
    They sorta do it, but we have people straggle, taking pictures of the stuff along the way in, start to string out along the trail. Thats fine, we just wait to regroup, and enjoy the walk at the slowest persons pace. I have even had a few ask me if guns are really necessary, discuss reservations they have about firearms. Friendly discussion about Alaskan lifestyle, that sort of thing, all good.
    The funny part is, on the way out, after being close to the bears, I turn around to check on folks, and all 16 people are within 20 feet of me, following closely. Practically stepping on each others heels.
    At this point they ask is that gun loaded, what caliber is it, things like that. Go figure.
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    Great video, equally great bear story boznarras.
    Bears can be pretty cool as long as they have something to eat other than you and don't think you are competing with them or a threat to their cubs.
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    bears can be pretty tolerant when they are used to homo sapiens. I've been around a few... I've also been in to the falls at Anan Creek that Boznarras mentions.
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    Sounds funny but I would have enjoyed that. I've been pretty close to some big critters and found if you stay calm and even talk to them in a low voice they sort of mellow out . Guess they know who their friends are.
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