Result of a Sleepless Night
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Thread: Result of a Sleepless Night

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    Result of a Sleepless Night

    Being a woodworker, I'm always looking for good, cheap hardwood. Thought about purchasing a portable bandsaw mill. Went to a Wood Mizer open house, search the internet, etc. Realized that the one that would most suit my needs was about $8000. Way out of my ball park for a big fancy tool. Put that idea on the back burner. A few months later, I had one of those nights where you wake up and just can't get back to sleep. A rare event for me, usually I'm out about the same time the light goes out and don't wake up till the alarm goes off. While tossing and turning, I came up with what you see below. Similar to some of the ones I've seen on the internet but my own design using the limited resources I had. A bar and chain from an old Homelite, 18 hp engine from a free riding mower the neighbor gave me, reclaimed lumber from work, an atv winch to raise and lower the saw. The only thing I bought was some steel for the frame. Not a speed demon and more waste with the wide chainsaw bar and chain versus a bandsaw, but I got a lot of satisfaction building it.

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    That's a real nice job!
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    Way Cool!
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    I'm not that far into makin my own wood, just a planer,jointer and drum sander. I buy all my rough hardwoods locally and work them from their.
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    Nice Scotty! I was watching one of those Alaska wild shows a few weeks ago and the guy built something very similar with just a big I beam and a chain saw and it worked pretty slick. There are a couple of guys around here who advertise that they have the wood miser band saws and will bring it to you and cut your logs. I talked with one of them and he said he spent almost $10K on the rig and paid most of it off the first year. He also bought a big stump grinder and goes around with that. All cash business but also real hard work.

    One of my dreams that will never come to be. Buy the miser and a big enough tractor and hook up with a place to kiln dry the wood. Learn the process of quarter sawing White oak boards. I build all of my furniture myself and have to look real hard for the good white oak 1/4 sawed lumber and pay through my nose when I do find it.

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    That is terrific, what a cool idea.
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