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    Dash Cam

    I bought this dash cam about 6 months ago and for the money I believe it could be invaluable one day. I average about 25,000 miles a year in my work vehicle and its peace of mind knowing my driving is recorded.


    Six reasons it own a dash cam.



    Edit: I should probably buy another one for my TW
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    I keep looking at the dash cams and agree they are excellent.
    If you get a good one that keeps working.
    That is certainly a budget cam and I hope it is reliable.


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    I had that cam last year, it worked ok but the controls weren't all that friendly. the pictures were pretty good, but on my cam the right side of the video was bent so I guess there was something wrong with the lens. all so it didn't have much of a battery, about 15 seconds, so it all was had to be plugged in. this year we buy a garmin virb and it packed it in 1/3 of the way through our holiday, crappy! they replaced it right away, but we only got video of the first 1500 miles. I think next time it will be a gopro

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    I have had it for 8 months and it is still working. I didn't want an expensive cam hanging off my windshield due to the fact I work in Baltimore. There are knockoff units out there according to the Internet. I bought mine off Amazon.

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