"Cyber Attack" You Now Have No Power
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Thread: "Cyber Attack" You Now Have No Power

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    "Cyber Attack" You Now Have No Power

    Since our power grid is on the internet it is vulnerable to attack. Are you prepared? I was reminded this morning watching SundayMorning Show with Charles Osgood that this is a real possibility. The last time we had a power outage in our area it was out for two days. We hardly missed a lick since I'm prepared. I wasn't able to get K1 for my heater because all the gas stations that sold K1 also had no power. That did make me think if there was an East Coast power outage for an extended amount of time, how would I get gas. I need a battery powered fuel pump setup...Any Ideas?

    Survival Thread. Survivalist don't normally brag about how much they have stock piled so we will say what would you stock pile and do to prepaid for emergency situations?
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    And telephone for many would be out as well. With the push to an 'All in one' system from the CATV companies lots of people get their phone service over the cable line. No power = no phone as well. Those standby batteries only last at best 6 hours and that's if they've been checked/changed recently.
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    My generator will help untill gasoline is exhausted.
    Top- look into a hand cranked barrel pump perhaps. I've used one refilling helicopters from fuel dumps out in the bush a few times, good exercise and no dependance on batteries..images-32.jpeg
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    We have quite a few power outages "a week". Well not that bad but does go out a lot for the modern era. It is very annoying that our power company, I will call them Bagdad Power Inc., can't seem to keep the power to us little ol Sand Hollow residents. We even get the same message with the exact same number of people out of power every time we report an outage. Did you notice I said "message" and not us talking to a real live voice? Conspiracy I say, conspiracy!

    We can live for over a year at our house without power too, but I ain't gonna tell you how, other than we have a map to Twilights house!
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    I have lived completely offgrid before, and will probably do so again eventually. I have a couple of diesel generators and some solar (PV) panels. I do need to build a new battery bank, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    When the power goes out, and usually it does a few times a year where I live, due to high winds, and branches knocking down power lines, or accidents, my entire house is re-energized in 10 seconds, due to a whole house generator, propane powered, and I have enough standby propane that I can power my house for over a year. Every switch, every outlet.
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    Two words...power pot!

    It's a thermoelectric generator. I just got one. It won't run major appliances but the technology is a good indication of wasted energy you can tap into from a woodstove. I plan to build my own larger scale one to try and run the house on. Maybe even heat my water with the same stove. I would love to be off the grid.

    We rely on technology too much. One big solar flare or EMP and no more digital info.....I'm slowly weening myself off reliance of digital technology. It's a great tool in the meantime to learn how to be more self sufficient.

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    If the "Fit hits the Shan" I'm heading for TWilights... his place should be easy to find after dark...
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    Talk about EMP what would a person need to do to protect the parts required to run the TW? Buy spare electronics and bury them in a lead box?

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    Daaaaaang...a year huh...that is impressive...power goes out...not scared...wood heat...water just feet from the house, the only fuel I need is for the chainsaw...and I could really get by without it...hand saws work fine too...just takes a bit longer!
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