Had The FBI Over The Other Day, Looking For A Missing Person
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Thread: Had The FBI Over The Other Day, Looking For A Missing Person

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    Had The FBI Over The Other Day, Looking For A Missing Person


    Guy's been missing for better than a year now. Remember seeing the flyers when he first went missing while up at a dinner up near camp. My place is about 60 miles from where they found his car. There is an ORV trail from about 200 yards from my place all the way to Iron River though.

    They stopped over last Friday and asked if they could look around the place. I said sure. They asked me to sign a paper, about three pages long, and as I was about half way through the first page, they were talking to me all along, I was kind of nervous, couldn't focus on reading, and listening to FBI Agents, kept looking up when they started talking and then back at the document as kind of a hint to shut up while I read this and then I heard the words "You know, we really don't need this to search your property"...

    I said "Fine" and handed them back the paper. ...unsigned.

    They said they would like my permission and I said "No problem. Look around outside all you want."

    FBI, "Then will you sign the consent form?"

    Me, "You just said I didn't have to. Look around all you want. I really want to help. If can do so without me having to sign a three page document, that I would really rather have my lawyer look at, and unless you are willing to pick up those costs, just go look around."

    We shot the shit for a while as I asked what was up and they brought up this old missing persons case and then left.

    This Monday as I went out to get the mail I noticed a couple of cars out in the north five. They were back with State, County and Locale Constabulary walking around the north five acres, in the rain. I walked out there and asked them if they were having any luck. County Sheriff was a very personable fellow. Recognized my name as I have a Curios and Relics FFL and as a common courtesy you are asked to let the local law enforcement know.

    FBI guys were a bunch arrogant pricks. I hope they come back again so I can tell them get a warrant and get the phahque off my property until they have one.

    Anyway they've moved across the road north of me and with all kinds of people and dogs, road the TW up and down the road and saw pink flags in the woods, I think marking points of interest.

    Nothing it the news yet and I'm sure there will be if they find anything. For the guys family I hope some closure comes.

    Biggest excitement here since the neighbors cattle got loose and two or so were on the point of going feral they had been out so long.

    Edited to add better news paper link.
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    If they come to my place I'll ask them if they're looking for the dead body. If they say yes, then I'll say I have to confess, it's buried up here behind the shop a ways. We'll walk up there and I'll point down at the ground and tell 'em the body's right there I think.

    I hope our old dog won't mind being exhumed for a time!

    Seriously, arrogant or not, I hope they find something positive for the guys families sake!
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    Just have them dig where you were planning on roto tilling for the garden next year...
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    Actually I'm tearing down the deck and putting in a retaining wall with a poured concrete slab. I probably could have got some free help digging if I would have said I think he's over here... no over here.... no, more this way over here....

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    In general I respect law enforcement, and I try to be polite and helpful when I can. Unfortunately, our legal system is broken and fundamentally unfair, so when it comes to any kind of voluntary or unwarranted search the answer HAS to be "no". Too many people have been caught up in some prosecutor's rope-a-dope just because they were trying to be helpful. Unfortunately, you absolutely have to legally protect yourself. Any time you talk to law enforcement without a lawyer, you're risking your life.
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    They said missing person. That could mean a lot of things. Any chance it's a fugitive?

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    One of the vehicles, a nice new clay colored Suburban, is marked Coroner. When I was talking to the locale Sheriff guy he told me they were looking for this fellow.

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    Where Scully and Mulder there?
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    One of the most important lessions I learned in life... If law inforcement shows up at your house "Never let them in, Period." Once there in they have power, and are free to go through your house. I witnessed this first hand while at a friends house five years ago. I watched them take all his guns and it took him a year to get them back. I couldn't imagine dealing with arrogant FBI agents even knowing I had nothing to hide.
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    Read the last example. You, too? Then read what Don Benito posted above again.
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