Winter Season - What type of heat do you use in your garage??
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Thread: Winter Season - What type of heat do you use in your garage??

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    Winter Season - What type of heat do you use in your garage??

    When I was young my parents had multiple heat sources for our house. We had individual electric heat for each room. (WASTE OF MONEY) We also had a fireplace on the first two floors. Due to the smoke and waste of heat my father put in two stoves. One was wood burning stove and the other a coal stove. They worked great.

    My house now I have a pellet stove. My wife doesn't like the smell of it so I rarely lit it off any more so I am on the natural gas heat furnace most of the time.

    But my question to forum members is What type of heat do you use in your garage? Do you store your bikes and avoid the winter months till spring or do you work on bike maintenance and heat it up garage occasionally.

    Out in my garage I have an electric oil heater. I also have a Kerosene Korean Style Heater. I'm thinking of putting a wood stove out there too as back up.
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    I have a two eye propane heater, the kind that attaches to a 20lb. propane tank, Mr. Heater I think. If I'm going to work on something, I'll fire it up and let it run for 20 to 30 minutes. Heats the garage to around 50* or so.

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    My garage is only mine for the spring, summer and fall. Once the frost arrives it becomes the home for my wife's car so she does not have to scrape or brush snow off every morning. I get to use it all day long but must have it open for her to park by 5 PM. I use a kerosene heater that works great when I must work out there in the coldest winter months. Even when it goes down to sub zero digits I can still work in 50 + temps out there. Being an attached garage it never really goes below freezing.

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    My bike garage is part of the unfinished part of my basement. Though it has no vents its pretty much the same temp as inside the house, cool in summer warm in winter.

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    When I want to heat up my workshop in the winter. I wait until the sun comes up then open the doors. Sometimes living in Florida is not so bad.

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    My garage has a water heater and a natural gas furnace, neither of which are meant to heat the garage but they incidentally do take the chill off through pilot lights and by radiating a small bit of heat from the pipes before they go into the wall.
    My workshop has an antique wood burning stove. One or two burns is enough to take the place up to light jacket temp and I'm good especially if the sun is shining in New Mexico. Tom
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    i have a 40kbtu heater that runs off propane and sits between two studs. looks like this, works great. My garage is 100% a workshop, its fully insulated so this heater can get it as hot as i want it, ~55-60 is fine for me working out there so i don't feel the need to get it any warmer.
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    18kbtu window unit for air conditioning. Runs all summer to keep humidity down.

    Hydronic Fan coil for the winter currently, with proposed radiant floor to go with our current radiant driveway/walkway snowmelt systems.

    Keep the temp between 66 and 72 degrees all year, humidity as low as possible, usually 50 percent optimal.

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    Separate shop - wood stove.

    Occasionally I sneak in a nap up in the shop during winter. Wood stove is just so darn inviting come nap time. I like naps! I kick my feet up next to the wood stove sitting in the old repurposed computer chair and down come the eyelids and away I do snooze! The chair also serves as my worker rolling around the TW wrench chair. Of course, I've embarrassed myself by tipping over in the chair in front of the wife a time or two. Oopsie! But I digress...
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