??? For the construction folks out there...
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Thread: ??? For the construction folks out there...

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    ??? For the construction folks out there...

    Need to pick up a set of tool bags for work....want suspender type...Any recommendations?

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    You mean like a tool belt? So many options tailor made for the different trades with appropriate tool holders. Check out Deluth, or Milwakee for ideas..L949869.jpgB0000DYVHZ-C.jpg You can always add your own suspenders if you find a basic belt you like.
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    If you are talking a use it every day forever purchase, this one. Occidental Leather 5093 Stronghold® Beltless? 6-Bag Framer Tool Belt | ToolBarn.com

    Graber Harness and Saddlery also makes very nice gear.

    If you are talking casual use, and inexpensive, I really don't know. But I'm sure there are some serviceable rigs out there.
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    Will use them almost everyday for 4-6 months of the year....winter months...mostly forming concrete on our canal system...heavy coat to light coat....want to stay away from leather... against my grain....but lots of snow and wet weather...

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