my very simplistic view of lawmakers
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Thread: my very simplistic view of lawmakers

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    my very simplistic view of lawmakers

    Suppose you were hired to do a large job, say pounding railroad spikes for the Trans Continental railroad.

    Every day (said tongue in cheek), you show up and pound spikes, a few feet a day. Day after day, a bit more of your job is completed.

    Weeks, months, years go by, always pounding and getting them all in.

    Eventually, you get to the end and the job is completed, correct?

    Ok, now instead of pounding spikes, your job is to write(and pass) laws (and / or regulations).

    Write one today. Write one tomorrow. And again, and again.

    Wouldn't it seem that eventually, like any other job, you would complete your job?

    And once it is completed, well then, wouldn't you have a law against everything and everything then would be illegal, and in turn, everyone a criminal?

    or is this too simplistic? (very open to hear where I am wrong) And in turn, does this make me an anarchist?

    There are an awful lot of people in this country older than I am. I often wonder how they've existed this long left to their own devices. Many times these same "old and truculent" people had a gun (and God forbid, a salt shaker) in their home!!!
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    Working for and Director of a County Health Department {yea, I basically had the same job as that nutcase in San Bernardino, except I was the boss the last 13 years} in Ohio, the one main reason I retired at 53 years old was OVER REGULATIONS...realizing that most, yes most, were pure Bullshit, designed to take away rights and destroy freedoms, I took my retirement and benefits and got the Hell out....I don't care if it's local, state, or federal....there are way to many Government workers and way to many Government Regulations....
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