Fastest One Armed Motocrosser in the World?
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Thread: Fastest One Armed Motocrosser in the World?

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    Fastest One Armed Motocrosser in the World?

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    I grew up with a guy who lost his arm in a farm machine accident at 4 years old. Just about exactly as this fellow but he had no prosthesis. His dad started him on small MCs early and he rode around on his farm for years before we ever even got dirt bikes. At around 16 years old I thought I was a pretty good MXer but this guy put us all to shame on his modified Maico with just one arm. He was also the strongest guy I have ever seen at arm wrestling and even at the county fair when he could hit that sledge hammer thing and ring the bell every time. His dad was a genius at modifying stuff so Bobby could do just about anything we were doing including fishing with a special rod his dad made that had an electric reel. Some guys never let anything get them down.

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    Back in 1975-76 there was a fellow who raced a RM-125 with one arm. His setup was not as trick but He did pretty well.
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    When he rides on the street, does he wave to other riders ?

    Instead of giving the finger , he can give the hook.
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    I don't wave at other riders either. Maybe a nod if they wave at me. I don't take my hands off the bars until I'm at stop unless it's to rip a tear off or adjust goggles.

    He'd be faster on a Honda instead of that Suzuki.

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    There was a one armed guy (kid really) racing MX back when I started around in 1978. He came in 3rd right behind me in district 6 mx point series one year. He was fast. Hard to remember now, but he had some kind of a loop setup on his bar end with an exstended clutch lever. His left arm was cut just below the elbow, so he could somewhat hook the bar. Tons of respect.

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