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Thread: movies

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    I went into the big city (Kona) today for a little shopping and went to a movie theater. I watched "The Heart of the Sea". It is the non fiction story upon which Moby Dick is based.
    A very impressive movie and well acted and well presented. I recommend watching it
    in a big theater for best effect. This is a sailors movie.

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    We went also....... Soooooooooooooooo well done... It felt as if you were in that ship with them.. Great sound, glad they don't have "smell-o-vision" OMM.
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    The book was fantastic. An amazing account of human endurance.

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    Thanks for the heads up! I have to disagree though. I/We highly prefer buying the movie when it comes out on blue ray. I have made it my life's joy to have movie theater sound quality in my living room and a very nice HD 50 inch TW so we get to sit on our favorite recliners while sipping a nice cocktail, smoke em if you got em and hitting the pause when ever a refill or P brake is needed. I have no desire to go to a movie theater to see it on a big screen with a bunch of jack wagons sitting behind me and a heater poking me in the back all the while just in case some crazy decides to play terrorist. Besides.if I buy the DVD for around $20 it is cheaper than going all the way to the theater and if it is a real good flick I can watch it as many times as I like.

    I did go with my brother to see both The Lone Survivor and American Sniper and then went and bought both of those Blue ray DVDs. Enjoyed both of those much better in my own theater!

    YMMV but I'll stay home and crank it up with all the comforts! I plan to buy this one and also the Revenant one soon to be released.

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    Thank you I'll put it on my 'to watch' list once it hits the DVD stage.

    No theaters for this cat. Either everyone else is deaf or I have super good ears; in any case it is screamingly painful (even with earplugs) to sit through a flick in a theatre.
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    Yeah, I've got to see this one on the big screen.....along with THE REVENANT. I read MOBY DICK in high school and just bought the book by Nathanial Philbrook on the real story behind both MOBY DICK and THE HEART OF THE SEA.........THE WRECK OF THE SHIP ESSEX, SUNK BY A WHALE. Call him Nathaniel, not Ishmael.

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    I like Chris Hemsworth as Thor, haven't seen heart of the sea yet but if you like Patrick Stewards Moby Dick prolly will like this, gonna Watch The Christmas Story(Red Ryder BB gun) this weekend again and again... LOL and see the new Star Wars next week, not gonna see opening(to busy, dammit)
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