Larry & Judy Visit Idaho-Gotta Get My "Mule" Fix Somehow
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    Couple weeks ago, my folks stopped in for a visit on their way back to Minnesota from snowbirding it down in Arizona. So, with the TW out of service for painting, I had to figure out how to entertain Larry & Judy for a few days.

    After brainstorming for a couple of miniutes...err seconds, I thought I would ask my father-in-law if he wouldn't mind taking my folks out for a wagon ride. He was game, but we would have to play it by ear due to the weather being so sucky this spring. All worked out so off we went.

    Now I should mention this up front. This is my folks first time out for a wagon ride...with mules pulling it! Did I mention first luck would have it, about 5 miniutes into the ride, a nice neighbors ferocious dog came out of nowhere and spooked the mules. Off to the right into the ditch we went. I thought we were gonna crash for sure. But here I am to tell the tale, so no crash. Wish I had the camera ready when we got back on the road. I never seen my mom so scared looking. She a good sport and we continued on the rest of the 2 hour ride without any further puppy dog incidents.

    Here's the working party. Left to right, Henry, Hank, and Toby.

    Father-in-law left, my pops right

    Now, I've never seen the Idaho State Patrol, on our way out in the country rural road before, but apparently they were calibrating the slow speed portion of their radar equipment. This was on his return pass heading back to the Interstate, (where the real speeding criminals are)!

    Oh, and for you Georgie followers, that's her ear in the bottom of the photo.

    I better get done with the TW by the end of next week or I'm gonna go crazy. Hey Truelight, doesn't your TW need more maintenance? Of course I will have to test ride it before I return it too you!

    Here's a short video of the mule team doing their thing. Have a great Easter weekend.

    Hidden Content A ride in the woods helps me relax and release tension. The fact I'm dragging a body should be entirely irrelevant?

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    I saw a pit bull go after a mule once. Big mistake for the pit bull--mules have deadly accurate aim in all directions. One kick and the pit's skull was crushed.

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    Looks like fun, sans the dog. The mule, the four-legged version of the TW.
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    Next time we want more of Georgie..

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