Santa borrowed my TW!
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Thread: Santa borrowed my TW!

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    Santa borrowed my TW!

    'Twas the night before Christmas, there in Mike's Mad House,
    many creatures were stirring, one eating a mouse!

    The shot gun was hung by the back door with care,
    as sometimes coyotes were sure to be there.

    And then from the kitchen there came so much laughter,
    I slammed down my beer & yelled "What's the matter?"

    "What I have to say, I'm sure you won't like,
    there's some bearded fool out there on your bike!"

    "You don't have to lie!" I said to my lass,
    "To tell such a thing to get me off my ass!"

    But one look out the window would prove she told true,
    This dude on my bike made it red white & Yamaha blue.

    "Well that must be Santa!" I said scratching my butt.
    "It's time that I greet him, and find out what's up!"

    "Might I please use your T-Dub, oh just for one day?
    It get's so damn boring, always reindeer and sleigh.
    And with such big tires, it handles so well,
    and I see it's equipped with a very nice bell."

    "Well since it's you Santa, I'll make you a deal.
    You have a great ride, & be safe on two wheels."

    "You've been a good boy, I'll bring your bike back.
    And my elf's will install you a brand new rear rack!"

    "And please tell everyone on the Trailway website,
    Merry Christmas to all, & to all a good night!"


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    This poem is an instant Christmas classic. Awesome!
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    ha ha ha ha

    That was great brother Mike!!! What talent!!! I wish I could do that!!!
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    CHRISTMAS STICKY!!!!!!!!!!

    Mods please find a way to put that poem on the forum calendar as a "recurring event".

    Awesome freaking poem Mike!

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    Uhhhhhhhh Mike? I'm a bit concerned about this Santa deal. There's eight reindeer for sale on the All Above The Arctic Circle Craigs list this morning.

    Santa does cut a dashing figure on it though.

    Merry Christmas and congratulations on the new rack (if you ever see your bike again, that is)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weebles View Post
    Uhhhhhhhh Mike? I'm a bit concerned about this Santa deal. There's eight reindeer for sale on the All Above The Arctic Circle Craigs list this morning.
    Help - is on the way .......

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    Now that was truly awesome Merry Christmas!
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    I take it you have a fair amount of free time on your hands.
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    Awesome poem... I hope you gave Santa your extra warm riding gear... it is forecast to drop to -30c (-22f) here tonight.
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