A holiday SURPRISE...
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Thread: A holiday SURPRISE...

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    A holiday SURPRISE...

    After struggling with my fancy 'Drill Doctor' off and on for 6 years, finally figured out out to make it work (at least for me). Purchased what was the nicest iteration of Drill Doctor from Sears some years ago. Read the instructions over and over, watched video's and practiced, practiced, practiced. The end result was, dull drills worked better than those "I" ran through the machine. Nothing in the instructions suggested the user needed an advanced degree to understand and work through the process. Try as I might, something simple alluded me. Did the best I could with the training I got in high school metal shop and went back to sharpening by hand. This at least put a few of my larger bits back into use.
    A couple of nights ago I tried a very different approach. I chucked the bit while the jig was positioned in the leftmost notch. Ground the bit till both facets were cut clean and the relief slope was pronounced. I then rejigged the bit in the center (118 degree) position and rotated only one revolution. This technique seem to provide the needed relief and a short, sharp cutting face. Over three evenings, I was able to fill three drill boxes with sharp usable bits. What I thought was a fancy piece of junk now seems to be a functional, very useful tool. Happy at last. Happy Holidays to all. Stay safe.
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    I had one myself. It worked ok SOMETIMES but I never had time to mess with it for a questionable result. So I Sold it to a coworker and I just buy a lot of drill bits now lol.
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    I've had mine for several years and it works great!
    Maybe I've been doing it wrong all along?
    I'm not going to check...
    Glad you found a way that works for you too!
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    Yep. Got mine to BARELY work. Gave up trying and it ended up in a drawer. New bits weren't a whole lot of money and a lot less frustrating.

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    Good show Gerry! It's very gratifying when we can take something we've had kicking around for years & finally make it work! One or two bits here and there is not much money, but three bit index's all ready to go & the ability to keep them sharp, now that's worth quite a few $$!! m.
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    there is nothing like a sharp drill bit, and hand grinding has frustrated me forever... nice to know there is still hope...

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    I still have Gerry's mailing address....might just send him a pound of dull bits or come visit him for a TW ride and tutorial. Merry Christmas and kudos to the ever resourceful Mr.Gizmo!
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