Put my dog down today
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Thread: Put my dog down today

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    Put my dog down today

    So... put my dog down today very sad. He was 18+ and his health was going down and I didn't want him to suffer.2014h.jpg2007e.jpg
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    Oh Boy, tough day no doubt. I feel for you.
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    Sorry to hear that Gulfrider.
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    A hard decision to make, takes courage. So sorry for your loss.
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    My sympathy Gulfrider .............
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    Thats too bad bro. I'm facing the same thing soon. I am not looking forward to it...
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    I'm sorry for your loss. You did the right thing for the little guy.
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    Is a sad day for sure. Had to put down my friend and will not get another because of it.
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    My heart breaks for you. I have owned many dogs over these 63 years and have had to put most of them down at the end. My thoughts always come around after a month or two and the fact is clear. Every dog I have ever owned actually came to live in our doggy heaven on earth when we adopted them. As much as it hurts to see them go I rejoice in the fact they had one hell of a sweet life while here with us. Sadly, our K-9 friends have a considerably shorter life span than we do but none of us are getting out of here alive. Say a prayer and find some solitude that you provided a wonderful life for your pal and 18+ years is the proof.

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    Condolences for your loss

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