The Sound of Freedom
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Thread: The Sound of Freedom

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    The Sound of Freedom

    One of the things I enjoy about Death Valley and much of Nevada is getting to see various military aircraft training up in the Big Empty, often turning and burning down low on penetration missions practicing evading radar detection or yanking and banking air combat maneuvers. Hi yo-yos or down low flying through canyons. Like this video shows there is something rather thrilling to see them pass below you. I used to do geomagnetic surveys outside the Dugway Proving Grounds ( a bombing range) and see all sorts of Red Flag like mock combat as Op Force F-4 jets would try to intercept inbound bombers. I think I have also been used as a training aid while driving remote stretches only to get a close fly-by by attack aircraft. Sound of Freedom as they roar overhead trying to plot an intercept course that paints their shadow across my windshield, a precision game I do not mind.
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    pretty impressive to see those big bird right near by. I spent some time around Bullhead City, Arizona and fished the shore line of Lake Mohave. Many times a squadron of jets would fly through right on the deck on full power.
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    Very cool to see in person.

    I spent many weeks testing Polaris ATVs, RZRs, RANGERS, and Military products in the Mohave desert, near Lake Havasu City. Many times our convoy was buzzed by jets and followed by choppers through the desert. Seeing the military units being used, in person made me feel quite small on an ATV.
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    That's shot at Father Crowley Point in Death Valley... or rather, just to the west of if, and to the west of the Panamint Springs resort by about 10-ish miles. Great place to watch the jets play. I think I've seen the jets at least every other time I've been there.

    Man, I miss Death Valley!! We should plan a TW event there like we do in Moab. Seriously.
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    Still makes my nads tingle just a bit watching them.

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    We used to climb the to the top of Sennca Rocks to watch A-8's and F-4's fly below us down the valley. Also had an A-8 do a low level pass over our hotel around 2AM. I was thrilled but my room mates not so much.
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    Those guy's were full of excitement. It was fun watching and listing to this video.

    Once while hiking in the Snake River Canyon near Walters Ferry, Idaho, 2 A-10's flew over me just above the canyon rim north to south.

    Not noticed by me prior, the 2 A-10's got a pack of Coyote's howling. That was impressive also.
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    That's a great video. Once while riding in the Pine Barrens I didn't realize that the trail was passing the bombing range. When the first jet flew over I think I pinched a hole in my shorts.
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    Great video! Here are my favorite jets ever to watch.....but I may be a bit biased because the pilot that you see in the beginning of this clip is my older brother Brian who was a solo pilot with the USAF Thunderbirds in the '05 and '06 seasons. It's a bit scarier watching jets doing crazy shit when your only brother is in the cockpit! I'm very proud of him. He is now a full bird colonel and an F-22 aggressor pilot.

    This photo is of him in his everyday ride, the F-15....just chilling over Iraq

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