I feel absolutely terrible...
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Thread: I feel absolutely terrible...

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    Thumbs up I feel absolutely terrible...

    Well, last night, little Ginger Snap let me know it was time for her to go. She had been a little sick for the last couple weeks and I had worked hard to nurse her back towards health, but, the last two days, she stopped eating and drinking again and started wetting her bed. The sparkle in her eyes had been gone for about a week. I always told myself that when she was no longer happy, that it would be time to have her put down. I never wanted that day to come.

    She was born August 20th, 1999. She was an absolutely beautiful purebred tan and fawn long haired Chihuahua and the sweetest Chihuahua I ever had. Her favorite things in the whole wide world were playing outside, riding in the basket up front on the bicycle or in my backpack on a motorcycle. She was a true biker and a great companion. She will be missed so much.

    This isn't her, but this is what she looked like, especially the second and third picture.

    Rest in peace little Ginger, I loved you so much. You were the greatest!!
    August 20th, 1999 - January 15th, 2016

    I thought I would be able to handle it when the time came, but my heart is broken. I feel just terrible about having her put down.
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    My condolences, Tommy. Not easy losing such a good friend.
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    Tommy, Sorry to hear that.
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    Sorry for your loss, sometimes the right thing is the hardest to do. Keep her memories close, she is in a better place.
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    My eyes moistened when I read this as I feel bad for both you littletommy and your Ginger Snap.

    I will think of you both this day as this sadness in your life is also my sadness.

    It will take some time for grieving and such, but tomorrow starts a new day.

    I believe you two will be reunited one day, so it's not "so long", but "till we meet again"!
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    So sorry Tommy .

    Sounds like she was blessed to have a long and enjoyable life with a great partner .

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    So sorry for your loss, LT. God bless brother.
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    So sorry to hear this.I think my poor old Lab is getting close too.
    You did the rite thing.
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    Sorry LT...I lost more than my share of Airedales, Coonhounds, and mutts....and it is never easy....at least GS had a long happy life for you to enjoy.
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    Condolences, Tommy. RIP Ginger Snap.
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