No pics, but it did happen.
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Thread: No pics, but it did happen.

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    No pics, but it did happen.

    Maria LaRosa and The Weather Channel are in the area visiting the ANF (Allegheny National Forest). They were at the Kinzua Bridge State Park - Kinzua Sky Walk - Allegheny National Forest | Kinzua | Pennsylvania | Trails | Camping | Attractions

    They also visited the Zippo : Zippo/Case Museum Where I actually got to meet and talk with Maria

    They stayed at Luxury Resort & Hotel - Pennsylvania | The Lodge at Glendorn

    I understand that they will be airing footage of some of the trip tomorrow morning (Saturday) on The Weather Channel 6am to noon

    They traveled to Niagara Falls today and will be back here in Bradford Sunday for live show somewhere here in town airing 6am to noon. I won't be here. Going to Cleveland Bike Show.

    The crew ( with Jen Carfagno) will also be in Punxsutawney on Feb 2 for Groundhog Day.

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    I like all those rail-to-trail projects that repurpose old otherwise abandoned rail road right-of-ways for recreational purposes like hiking and biking; same for flumes and irrigation canals. Neat Skywalk
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    What happened to what? Kinzua bridge? Tornado took it out awhile back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by old w/2 many guns & bikes View Post
    TITLE: "No pics, but it did happen."
    What is the "it" that happened with no pics.
    Short version.... I had a chance to get a selfie with Maria LaRosa and my [email protected](king phone battery was dead and camera would not turn on............

    Anyway, I was on hold with my cellphone for and hour and a half Thursday morning with the cable / internet provider to have a new cable modem router combo booted up at my sisters house. When I finally got a person, I told them my battery was low and to call the landline number on the account if the phone dropped the call from a dead battery. The conversation lasted 6 minutes and I headed home for lunch. My battery was red at 2 % when I put it on the car charger. 5 minutes later, I noticed a small crowd at the Zippo Museum as I went past on the expressway heading home for lunch. I go by there at least 4 times a day and there is almost always someone taking pictures of the Zippo Car.

    I got off the 4 lane and headed there to see what's happening. I see a Weather Channel truck in the parking lot with a few other cars. I grab my phone and head for the door. When I walk in, I see Maria LaRosa, another girl, camera man, sound guy, Zippo photographer Glen and Shirley who is the Zippo Historian. Shirley says "Hi Shag" . I told her I saw the cars when I went by and decided to see whats up. She said the Weather Channel was there..

    I walked around a little and didn't want to intrude. Halfway thru the museum the small crowd had spread out and I back tracked a little and introduced my self to Maria and after a short conversation, I asked if it would be Ok to take a pic with her. She said sure My phone was at 3% and the camera wouldn't work.

    They will be broadcasting live from here (Bradford) tomorrow morning like they did today from Niagara falls and I won't be here to get my second chance for a pic.
    That bike show in Cleveland better be good
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    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

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    2013 TW200 - 8k- miles
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    i love the Allegheny national forest we have a camp 7 miles south of Kane. we walked the Kinzu bridge many time's as kids, and were also there the week before it fell.

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