Why Moab?
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Thread: Why Moab?

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    Why Moab?

    "So what's the big deal about this Moab thing as a group outing?" you may ask.
    After all many of us have visited Moab in past years on our own, with or without motorcycles, sometimes with another Forum Member on TWs.
    However Ron-in-Boise back in the winter of 2014 started spreading an infectious enthusiasm for his planned return to Moab and many of us caught the slick rock fever and decided to join him. The attendance soon snowballed. Thus was born the Moab 2015 group event that turned out to be such a successful melding of camaraderie among new friends as well as fun rides through awesome scenery.
    Unfortunately Ron's health worsened after a few days and he left early. He never recovered and passed away shortly thereafter.
    So this sad remembrance and fond memories of Ron shall be in the back of the minds of some returnees. He was one of the Good Ones.
    So understand and join us if we raise a toast in Ron's honor and offer whatever heartfelt prayers that seem appropriate.
    Ron would likely say "Quit being sad, let's go for another ride".
    So we ride!
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    These words are being spoken from the mouth of a guy who said he would not go back to Moab. I am looking forward to going back!! I believe the "camaraderie", as Fred puts it, is one of the biggest draws of Moab. Besides a great area to ride, the social aspect that becomes extended between the "Misfits" of this forum is a very important part of the whole TW community. May it never end! I had the pleasure of a nice long visit with Ron when we were in Moab. Least we not forget what a gentleman he was. As poorly as he felt, his heart was warmed by that gathering. Again, I am anxiously at getting on the road to Moab.

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    Come on Fred. I want to do it at least once. And especially to meet a bunch of guys determined to stay on two wheels and not motorized sidewalk carts.
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    Too bad it is so far away. There is a contingent of misfits here on the east coast who would love to join the crew but that drive is 4400 miles round trip from my house. I just can't justify going that far when I have great riding right here. I and others on this side have attempted to get rides set up here but with very little interest given our short season.

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    The Moab area is hard to beat. You can ride great trails in all directions. You can drive 30-50min and be in the Lasal mtns and it looks just like Colorado!. Its probably one of the most diverse riding areas ive been to. Plus you can ride from there and tent camp in other places in Utah and come back in a day or two. The Silverton Colorado area would be another great place for a ride meet or somewhere between Gunnison and Crested Butte CO. Other Those are the best riding areas ive been to in the country especially as far as scenery..
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    A summertime meet around Silverton or Telluride would be awesome.
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    we were at Silverton last year. it was cold and wet, I kind of like warm and dry for holidays. i'll stick to going to Moab, even if it is at a different time of the year from when the great together happens. I was kind of hoping for 2 get togethers a year in Moab, one in the spring and one in the fall for the ones who can't make it in the spring
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