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Thread: Subaru, is All Wheel Drive

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    Subaru, is All Wheel Drive

    I had to make a post, just because I'm that Subaru geek.

    I'm the proud owner of a fourth generation Forester, 6MT with the 2.5 DOHC; this is the 4th Subaru I've owned. I truly believe the active AWD system employed in all Subarus is by far, the best system for the money. The few systems that will beat a subaru are far more expensive, an Audi Quattro being one of them. Also to mention, since a Subaru uses a boxer type engine, it allows the engine and transmission to rest much lower in the vehicle which contributes to a much lower center of gravity, allowing the vehicle to handle very well around corners and traverse steep angles.

    Subaru uses an active AWD system that is constantly giving power to all wheels, whereas many of the other AWD systems, such as Ford, Chevy, Mazda, Nissan, etc., use a reactive AWD system in which they are basically front wheel drive vehicle and if need be, will snap power to the rear wheels to assist in reduced traction scenarios. This makes quite a difference with the driving experience. It also makes quite a bit of difference for maintaining traction and momentum in deep snow or driving on an icy freeway at high speeds.

    Although my 6 speed uses a 40/60 split, bias in the rear, which makes for a lot of fun with high speed dirt driving and drifting, it is limited as the 1st gear is not quite desirable for slow, technical hill climbs. Then again, I may be one of the few people to attempt to use a Subaru for what most would use a Jeep for.

    Now, Subarus do have their issues to, like any other vehicle. Many of the earlier generations were plagued by poor head gaskets and the design flaw left many with overheated, warped heads. The problem has been corrected recently with the changes within the new FB engines - they also now have timing chains, instead of belts - FINALLY! I have come across and have been victim to a new, recent issue - high oil consumption. At 49,000 miles, I finally, after two years of constantly adding oil, had an oil consumption test conducted. As I expected, I failed miserably. One month later, I have a new short block with update oil control rings and I believe the problem to be resolved.

    Anyway, I love my Subaru. I only wish it had a low range, like the older generations in Australia.

    over and out.
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    A friend of mine just recently bought a Forrester after much deliberation and deep research. He uses his to go hiking. Most recently returned from the northern section of the Appalachian trail (he only has 300miles left to finish it), and totally praised how well it handled.
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    Love our Forester!
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    I am a Subaru guy as well, they are great cars. Particularly the all wheel drive system as you have indicated. Currently have a 2005 Impreza with 285000 km on the clock and a new 2016 Crosstrek with about 6000 km on the clock. The engines are a bit fragile, I have blown up two Impeza motors, one in a 1998 and one in the 2005. I think oil consumption might be common with these little motors.
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    Honestly, I really like the design of the XV, but I wanted the extra gear with the six speed and the 2.5 liter, instead of the 2.0. Being only about 300 lbs heavier than the XV, the extra 25 horsepower does increase the power to weight ratio quite a bit between the two.

    Too bad you couldn't get a 2.5 6 speed XV. Or, better yet - a 2.5 turbo Forester 6 speed!
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    Adam, Glad to see you got the oil consumption problem fixed. We've had a few come in to our shop with that problem and Subaru is taking care of the problem. We love Subarus because customers like spending money on them! I worked in a Subaru dealership in the early 80's and they have come along way! Remember the Subaru Brat? The dealership I worked in was Jeep/Amc/Subaru and Renault. Subaru were easily the best made! We would have new Jeeps come in that they forgot to fill the trans with lube....
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    Thanks, Evan Me too! I do like spending money on mine I had them put in a new clutch while they were in there, due to no labor costs.

    I love the Brat! They're hard to find. Great low range 4WD!

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    I thought about buying one of the vans one time. I bought a VW bug instead.

    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    Okay, I am in this club too.

    I have owned 8 Subarus over the many years, and loved getting the small badges to put on the tailgate area, showing how many oyu have owned, and all the things you are into, like hikinbg, and skiing, and photography, and rally sports, etc.

    Adam, the USA also has Subarus in the old days that had the dual range 4WD trans. It had front wheel drive, 4 wheel high, and 4 wheel low.

    And, i also owned a '82 Brat..among the many Subarus I have owned. But how many of you have ever seen, or driven, or owned a '68 Subaru 360 ?

    That is a two stroke, 360cc car
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    Bought a van and a 360. Sold the car to fund the van.

    Wish I still had both.
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    My first issued work vehicle was a Brat. Loved everything about it but the mustard yellow paint. And it could occasionally have a hard time in mud carved ruts made by wider tracked full sized trucks. It carried me and a lot of cargo both delicate and heavy with never a problem
    These days their add campaigns are extremely well done and target active young at heart people, like those who would buy a TW200
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