WR250r vs TW200
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Thread: WR250r vs TW200

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    WR250r vs TW200

    Was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to own/ride a WR250r and was curious how it compared to the TW!

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    there is no coparisn..... my son has the wr 250 f the seat hieght is about a foot higher,, it revs to 12000 rpm.. this thing will scar the crap out off u.. that being siad it is a very nice bike, rides like a dream and easy to ride, not for the beginner, the 250 r is even faster... no electric start...
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    If ProCycle would sell me six inches of extra leg I would buy that bike tomorrow. The TW is the bike of necessity for the guy who wants the most amount of CC's he can buy with a 30 inch inseam...who does not want the DR200. The biggest distinction between the TW200 and the DR200 is this forum. It is what sent me into the dealership. To get myself committed to the bike I bought almost every option I could find that was TW specific and then went bike shopping. Borneo was the ultimate pitchman...then he disappeared. He reminded me of "Wilson" on the "Home Improvement" show with Tim Allen. MBW

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    I have both the TW 200 and the XT225. Bucknutz has both the TW 200 and the WR250R. All three are so completely different bikes that there simply is no comparison between them. The TW 200 is the Mule of the family and perfect for that purpose. The XT225 is better suited as a road/trail bike with road being first. In my opinion the WR250R is a monster and as a much younger guy the bike I would have loved to own.

    If I was buying a dual sport bike for road commuting it would be the XT225. If I wanted a bike for back woods slow trail riding it is the TW and if I was still full of piss and vinegar and had the need for speed it would be the WR250R.

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    Thanks guys. I was wondering because my wife wants to start riding and I thought this would be a good opportunity to get something with a little more juice. I love the specs of the WR250r but they are hard as hell to find used....and are not cheap! I think I am going to go with a DRZ400S. Found a pretty nice one for cheap, and have heard good things about them!

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