How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?
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Thread: How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

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    How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

    60's up to 70's expected as a high over the next few day's.

    But today...?

    Right now it is a winter mix of rain and snow.

    It is supposed to SNOW here in a hour or so and continue for a few hours with a mix of snow and rain.

    This should be the last snow this winter, weather looks great for the next two weeks.

    I'm already thinking about putting up the awning and setting up the porch swing. Can't wait until I can get some tomatoes in the garden going and work on my strawberry patches.

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    Today "SUCKS"................... Sunday was terrific............We are expected to cool off by this weekend. OMM.
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    Steady 50F – wind chill factors that down to 40F (25mph gusting to 30mph) – sunshine / rain / hail – reminds me of the old Thunderbirds series intro, “Anything can happen in the next half hour”.

    Friday’s looking a bit “fruity” though – rain and 55mph winds ……..

    Anglesey is full of “Easter tourists” today, crowds and idiots who don’t know the roads around here. But the time is approaching to get the TW’s dusted off again, so maybe next week …….
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    Frightful....again. Hot springs weather. Luckily I have a great one just a half hour up the highway.
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    Sep 2013
    Yesterday was beautiful and 70F. Today I woke up to a thunderstorm. Current temp 49F, 22mph wind gusting up to 37.
    Snow in the forecast for next Sunday. Bleh.
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    I am sitting here watching yet another storm front coming up the channel from the south. Big dark clouds and high winds. I am off to work and will have to take the truck again as it will be too wet to ride home later. We are hauling everyone's boats out of storage and prepping them for summer use, so the rush season is upon us. Todays boat is too big to fit into the shop so its another rain gear day. It's a really cool boat, but little scary with its power to weight ratio. At 33' long and just over 4500 lbs hull, the boat came alive when I installed 600Hp of Evinrude two stroke G2's to its back side. The torque curve on these new engines its awesome and the progressive power steering is a must, but if the wind comes up before I have to sea-trial, it will be a lumpy ride as it tends to leave the water and pretend its a plane. Anything that goes from a dead standstill to 50 knots in 4.5 seconds is a rush, but no where as much fun as the TW can give!

    Three weeks till we leave on our holiday and rain or shine that TW is coming with us...but we are still praying for sunny skies!
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    Two stroke? U sure about that?

    Scratch that. Googled it. That is absolutely wild. Does it go ring-a-ding ding ding?
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    We are in for Sun all week. Today started at 3 Celcius to get up to 21 Celcius.
    A bit like at Moab, but will be slightly warmer during the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post

    Think I will take the BIG bike out, and go for a long ride. Maybe for a multi day ride.
    What's the "Big Bike"? Easter morning started out kinda cold and damp. In the afternoong things warmed up to the mid 50s and lots of sunshine. Took the '13 TW and the '95 KLR each for a 15 mile ride.
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    frozen wasteland of the barren north, Yukon Territory, Canada
    Still winter here.... and it will be that way for another few weeks.
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