This afternoon I will start swapping out parts from the 09 to the 03 and back to find the elusive spark problem. Hope it is an easy one. Will first check and put electrical grease on all connectors as I go. I am hopeful to just find a loose connection. Lucky to have two bikes to help find the issue. Is the pits to have to dig into them, but I guess it is called ownership lol.
The carb is back on the 03 that I lent to Fred. That fellow knows how to ship a carb. Sealed in a sandwitch bag, wrapped with fluorescent duct tape, wrapped inside clear plastic, packed in foam, sealed in a box with more bright orange duct tape. Took longer to free it from it's bed than it did to put it in the bike lol. Thanks Fred for taking good care of it.

Oh forgot, after wrapping it in duct tape it was further sealed with doctors gloves lol, a fine touch.