Extreme motorsports... then and now
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Thread: Extreme motorsports... then and now

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    Extreme motorsports... then and now

    A while ago someone asked who was the greatest influence on us as motorcyclist, and one of the first people I thought of (besides my father) was Evel Knievel. That man would jump anything. At the time, it was considered one of the most extreme examples of motorcycle riding. It was Crazy!

    I wonder what Knievel would think about today's modern X Games riders, though? Not only do they jump, but they do freaking flips and midair tricks during the jumps. Would Knievel have joined them? Created his own signature tricks? Become a major endorser for the up and coming kids? Probably. And then done a bunch of public service commercials about the dangers of what they do, so don't try this at home kids.

    Motorcycling has come a long way. I'm too old and cautious to try anything fancy, but I do enjoy watching the skills of others. It will be interesting to see just how much farther we can go in this sport.
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    I know what you mean. Eval was the one who got me jumping over flower pots and trash cans as a kid.

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    I would jump over my sister,
    Wooden ramp in the street and I would get her to lay down sideways,
    No-one ever got hurt either ! ! !!
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    Evel was one of a kind. Bold, brash, cocky, bigger than life. In some ways I think the USA is the only country that could hold a guy like that, and when you think about some of his personal qualities they are the same things the rest of the world both loves and hates about America. Good, bad, or ugly, it definitely gets your attention.

    Saw a kid riding a bike in my neighborhood, typical mountain bike config, maybe a 20 incher, and I thought...is it even possible to wheelie that bike? When I was a kid we'd watch Evel make a jump on Wide World of Sports, then we'd go out and bust our azzes trying to imitate him on bikes you could actually wheelie, just like these:
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    That's what did it for me. ...and it starts out as "I remember this time at band camp...." ...they showed the movie On Any Sunday. I was hooked.
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