Keeping Cool On Your Bike This Summer...
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Thread: Keeping Cool On Your Bike This Summer...

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    Thankful for all of my friends!!

    Keeping Cool On Your Bike This Summer...

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    Modular street helmet, chinbar up, is cool for trail riding. Until you fall and get your teeth knocked out.

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    I can attest to this gearing ups worth it. When I got hit by the car I was wearing my work uniform (coveralls) my helmet and work boots. It's unlikely that my riding gear would have prevented the broken bones/serious leg trauma. BUT it may have saved me from several bouts of MAJOR infection, the light road rash and the nasty gash threw my right shin. And had I not had that helmet, judging by the damage to the lid I would like not be typing this and if by some miracle I were I sure would be a lot scarier to look at (and that's saying a lot LOL).

    Getting over heated SUCKS but it's worth the discomfort to me. And when the heats too much well those days I will take the truck with the nice A/C.
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    For summer I have a mesh jacket and will wear a t shirt under it on hot days. As long as you are moving you stay quite comfortable.
    The warmest I have ridden with it is 100 down in Utah in the summer.
    My new pants have removable panels to expose mesh.

    In my sig is the jacket and I am riding on the salt flats in late July.
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    Ok, I agree with most of the points, but this part is BS:

    "Your body produces sweat to cool you down, and the hot air rushing over your skin as you ride dries the sweat quickly — so your body sweats more. Dehydration occurs rapidly, and before you know it, you’ve got a headache, your riding suffers, and you are a danger to yourself and others."

    If you have layers over your skin, your sweat can't evaporate as easily (which it is intended to do), and heat is trapped because you have an insulating layer over your skin (which makes you sweat even more). You'll see that high performance fabrics market their ability to breathe and "wick sweat away," which windspeed is doing in this case.

    BUT, I do cover up every inch of my skin when it is hot, both for safety in the event of a crash, and because I'm Irish so I burn just thinking about the sun. The key is meshy, light-weight, light-colored, and breathable. My summer dainese jacket works great for 90-something degree weather.
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    Down in South Florida you stay cool and cool looking by gearing up with a tank top,board shorts and flip flops. For the ladies a thong and bikini top do the trick.
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    In the U.P. it is frequently cold. We have 9 months of winter and 3 months of bad skiing. If it is too hot to dress the right way to ride these things, do not ride. Just like we do not ride in ice and snow because some winter conditions are not conducive to this activity, there are also summer days that maybe you should not ride. Wear you helmet. Long riding jeans. Leather on top. If off road, wear the pads. There are only 3 types of riders. Those who have fallen and got back up. Those who have fallen and have not gotten back up. Those who have not fallen who will. MBW
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xracer View Post
    Down in South Florida you stay cool and cool looking by gearing up with a tank top,board shorts and flip flops. For the ladies a thong and bikini top do the trick.
    Forgot to add. I'm the dork wearing a Tour Master mesh jacket and HJC helmet. At 58 years old I don't have to be cool looking!

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