Heart-Stopping Footage: Biker Hits Dog, Narrowly Avoids Oncoming Truck
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Thread: Heart-Stopping Footage: Biker Hits Dog, Narrowly Avoids Oncoming Truck

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    Thumbs up Heart-Stopping Footage: Biker Hits Dog, Narrowly Avoids Oncoming Truck

    Heart-Stopping Footage: Biker Hits Dog, Narrowly Avoids Oncoming Truck | Fox News Insider

    Be careful brothers and sisters, anything can happen out there...
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    Yup, sometimes I'll be going faster than I should then see a dead deer to the side or one getting ready to bolt across the road. Even if the road will support the speed you never know...

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    Trucker did a good job missing downed riders.
    Secondary motorcycle accidents behind dog incident is a good example of why we should not ride too close to each other, leave the 2 second gap so as to miss another's panic braking.
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    Scary situation all around.

    It looked like that second rider bailed on purpose to keep from hitting his buddy. Watch it (the second video under the cut in the full article) in slow motion a couple of times. For going down like he did, he had pretty good body control and situational awareness - which was why he could see the big rig coming and push his way out of the path.

    Hope both riders recovered.
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    I dont think it was a dog at all, Im sure that thing was a chubacabra.
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    Similar sh..... happened to me 4 weeks ago, just abou 100 yards from my house. Neighbor walking his 3 dogs. One crossed in front of my while chasing me. Bike hit the dog, I hit the ground. Bad road rash on my right hand and and left thumb dislocated and broken. Still not back on the bike. Thanks for helmet and jacket or I would be a lot worse off
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    I'm not trying to sound like one of our dearly departed members, but over the years, I have run over a dog (1975) with my wife on the bike, killed a deer with my truck (2009) and killed another deer with my car (2015) I hope that all is well for the bikers!
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    Exactly why I hate riding on the pavement on a bike. We had a bad crash here last weekend where a MC rider hit or got hit by a Turkey flying across the road. Took him right off the bike and lots of injuries and road rash and the bike, Big Harley, was totaled. The Rice Rockets fly by here all day long at break neck speeds and where I live they are sure to find a Deer, Bear or just about any other animal you can imagine crossing the roads. My wife gets more deer with her cars than I get while sitting out in the woods. Critters come out of nowhere without any warning.

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    Many people expound about what caliber rifle to hunt deer with. That is irrelevant. Just use a car or truck, it's easier and you will get more deer.
    Don't use a motorcycle, I did and it killed both of us. The difference was the EMTs worked on me instead of the deer.
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    I had a neighbor back in the 70's that hit a crow that took off from the side of the highway as he was approaching. Apparently a crow can leave a huge bruise on your chest and shoulder. He said it nearly knocked him off his bike and the crow was dead in his lap by the time he pulled off the road. He was riding his Honda 250 Elsinore at the time. I think it was that next spring he upgraded to a road bike with a faring.
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