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Thread: tractor repair

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    tractor repair

    I have had the displeasure to split my tractor in two. It had a noise coming from the pto and I figured I better check it out be for some catastrophic event.

    Pulled the engine away from the bell housing and found that the dampener springs were broken and the throw out bearing a bit stiff.

    Took the pressure plate that has the inner disc with the springs riveted to it for replacement. OMG, over 900 just for that one part. For the whole clutch close to 1300.

    Hopefully a remanufactured one will be in today at a bit over 800 complete clutch system. I hope this takes care of it. If not I will have to separate it from the transmission where it hooks to the bell housing. There is a bearing there that might be making some noise. Will make sure before putting it to work.

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    Well, lets see some tractor surgery pics!
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    Used to love that stuff, but I was paid well and didn't have to spring for parts. Sounds like you've been mowing or something with impact
    or engaging/disengauging under load. I'd be checking the U joints on the shaft and whatever bearing the PTO shaft is supported by. If it's an
    old timer be sure and inspect the freeze plugs while you have it apart. Easy to change now. Often on old timers they will be close to failing
    and if uninspected, certain to leak the second you reassemble. Think of the money your saving doing it yourself (and it will be done right).
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    Wow. Don't take this the wrong way but I don't feel so bad now. I replaced the whole clutch about two years ago in my David Brown and had $1500 into that. I thought I got screwed.

    Good luck on yours.

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    "I have had the displeasure to split my tractor in two"- me too once for a tractor a fraction of the size of Plumbstraight's. He has my sympathy for tractors ain't made like motorcycles with an accessible engine sitting in a frame one can simply pull out and toss on a work bench...there is no frame, just massive castings. Good luck Randall, and may the reconditioned clutch disc, pressure plate and t/o bearing all work perfectly.
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    Well the easy part is over now you have to get it all back together.What kind of tractor is it?
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    Again, I'd rather hit the an acknowledge or a sympathy button rather than a like button as having to take the stuff apart becomes a pain! At least you can do it on your own!
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    Randall - I hit the "like" button - but you have my sympathy ......
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    Thanks fellows for your sympathy lol. This isn't the first time with this tractor. It is a 5300 John Deere. This tractor has been the bain of tractors. I have had two Kubotas, two Yanmars. I still have the JD and a Harry ferguson.

    Yes this tractor has doen some serious bush hogging in it's life. Last year I replaced the final drive for the pto. Replaced the internal wet brake discs on both sides.

    It has been torn down at least 3 times for waraunty work with the transmission. I have used it hard as I do most things. One thing for sure with me though after this one. I would not go with a JD again.

    Like you folks mentioned, if I couldn't do the work myself, I would be in the poorhouse.

    I would love to take some pics for you but my cam was stolen. Is the pits.

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    I have had the displeasure of splitting a few tractors in my life, both red and green. It didn't take long to figure out I wouldn't enjoy being an ag mechanic for a living, not that trucks are much better...
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