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Thread: Blown away

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    Blown away

    I had a posting on CL for a brush clearing saw and offered to throw a second saw in for an additional $75. I hadn't touched this tool for over 15 years. I was stored horizontally on some angle brackets in my unheated barn and all gassed up (two stroke). Well, as the day came when the customer was to arrive (after an endure he was in) I got that baby down, washed her off. Dumped the old gas/oil mix (when I opened the gas cap, I expected just dust to come out)and said OK I'll give it 10 pulls. On the 9th it fired right up like it had been run yesterday . Could have been that I last refueled before ethanol and my stabilizer was good stuff.

    Oh yes, buyer bought both saws.
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    Impressive reliability. Not much to go wrong with older two-stroke engines or carbs though. Reed valve petals can warp a bit but the carbs are darn simple. Hydrophilic ethanol can promote cylinder wall pitting but perhaps the pre-mix oil leaves a protective barrier.
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    2 stroke carbs do store better. 4 stroke fuel bowl is vented to the atmosphere. 2 stroke diaphragm is atmosphere on one side and fuel on the other. Fuel caps allow air to be drawn into the tank as fuel is used but are not open to atmosphere and dont leak when operated in various positions. I dont worry about my 2 stroke tools during the winter but drain the bowls and flush with seafoam on the 4 stroke stuff.

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    I'm impressed. After 15 years and it starts right up -- that usually doesn't happen that way.
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