Here's why the government should give you $1,000 a month...
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Thread: Here's why the government should give you $1,000 a month...

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    Question Here's why the government should give you $1,000 a month...

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    For the same reason they feel the Bern.

    EVERYONE KNOWS that money grows on trees. So we'll just have the government go out and grab some for each of us.

    Or print some up.

    If everyone made a million dollars a year, would a million dollars be anything special? Obviously and essentials would cost hundreds of thousands. Money charged for a product is to pay for the work creating it or delivering it.

    And if everyone has a thousand dollars a month, it's going to take **EXTRA** incentive to get someone to get off their duff to actually DO something.

    Beyond which...MONEY is not WEALTH. As Wiemar Germany and present-day Zimbabwe should tell us. As Venezuela is learning. Money is just a unit of temporary wealth STORAGE - unless egghead politicians get hold of it and completely debase it, as they are doing now and want to do more of with this.

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    It might work to create a level playing field of government support for it's citizens to thus stimulate the economy.
    Since we have already gone terribly into debt it is hard to embrace additional give-aways even if they seem uniform and thus "fair".
    Of course it would only work if it was fiscally neutral, or a savings by definitely cashing out a mermaid of expensive existing programs like Welfare, Supplemental Security Income for Non-Citizens, Help for Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence, Migrant Training, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Low Income Home Energy Assistance, Supplemental Security Income, Food Stamps (SNAP), Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Nutrition Programs ( CHIP), Feeding Programs (WIC & CSFP),various Housing Assistance Programs, Refundable Child Credit,Foster Care Title, Adoption Assistance Title, Medical Assistance to Refugees,Rural Housing Assistance Fund, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants, etc,etc,etc,,,and of course the Affordable Care Act.

    If government had redirected some of this 2,287,133 million in 2013 (~2.3 trillion) from special interests into uniform payments to citizens then a $1,000 per adult US citizen could be affordable.
    Otherwise there sure seems to be enough government programs, often redundant, with heavy management overhead. Maybe a flat rate handout makes sense instead of all these special programs..would make a lot of government employees find private sector employment. ohhh, I just save billions in federal retirement payments downstream!

    It's just a drop in the bucket but still there is some 2.6billion annually in simple cash assistance give aways that is essentially unaccounted. That is not really a big a slush fund by government standards, just about $8 per US citizen. But still.... a couple hundred million here, a couple hundred million there...and pretty soon your talking about some real money.
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    I have always been a strong proponent of this type of policy. And no, that's not because I'm poor. I also am quite happy to pay taxes, and would be perfectly okay with paying MUCH HIGHER taxes (percent) if I began to earn a lot more money. John F. Kennedy once said that Americans should ask what they can do for their country. Well, I can pay incrementally more taxes, as I begin to earn more money. I don't need it all for myself. It isn't about being a lazy, no good, useless bottom feeder and a "gimme gimme kid" who just wants to sit around and collect "free money", it's about being willing to give some of what you have, that the hardships of those less fortunate may be reduced (and their productivity and contributions to society thereby increased). . [digression: the idea that a minimum income for all citizens would destroy incentive to work is ridiculous; the prospect of earning more money will always remain as a strong incentive to work] . I believe in doing my part to contribute to a society in which EVERYONE is treated with respect and allowed some measure of dignity, regardless of their physical or intellectual capabilities or industriousness. Like Mr. Sanders or not, this is exactly the sort of thing his "DEMOCRATIC Socialism" refers to. He isn't a dirty commy bastard, he doesn't believe money grows on trees, he just believes in a society where people of "lesser" socioeconomic status are not treated like mud beneath the boots of their superiors. I happen to feel the same.
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    On one hand, I am tempted to agree with you, KJ, but on the other hand... not. I feel that if I earn more money, simply by volume I am de-facto paying more in taxes. If I earn $50,000 and pay 30% taxes, that is $15,000. If I earn 100,000 and pay 30% taxes, that's now $30,000. By what measure does anyone think I should pay 40, or 50% in taxes just because I earn more? AND, I see a broad spectrum of society in my daily work, unfortunately, many from the lower end of the spectrum. These are people who will take taxpayer dollars for their entire lives, go work under the table jobs, pop out children for taxpayers to pay for, and have taxpayers support them every step of the way. They go lease really nice cars for $600 month and come into the emergency department so the doctor will write prescriptions for their kids to get free ( paid for by taxpayer $) motrin or Tylenol. These people smoke, have thousands of dollars of tattoos, have lots of nice "bling" and better phones, on average, than me and my co-workers. THESE people, give the truly needy a bad rap. The system is broken and without REAL oversight will not be fixed. Take my money without my permission with a gun, and that is a crime. Take my money without my permission via the Gov't, and that is considered welfare, even if someone is perfectly able to perform work to support themselves. Without a doubt, many on welfare consider themselves smarter than those of us who work. Us workers are suckers, in their eyes.

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    from the article:

    make sure every single American has stability in their life. Stern argues that middle class parents do this with their children, why shouldn’t our nation.

    Because, nobody, NOBODY should expect that of their "nation". As an adult, I am responsible for my family. No one else. Do we need a safety net, for rare, temporary help for those in need. Yes. Do we need permanent assistance for those (very few) incapable or unable to help themselves, yes. Do we need the massive welfare state, with tens of millions dipping into the national treasury every single day ? NO. Too many of these people need priorities in their life. 1. Food 2. Shelter, not tats, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, cell phones, cable tv, lottery tickets, on, and on, and on and on.
    Far too often,we are financing bad choices with the earnings taken from those that worked and earned it.
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    Davy Crockett said it well: how far we've gone.....

    Not Yours to Give: Davy Crockett and Welfare
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    Seems like half the town I live in already receives this.
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    Free Sh*t for everybody....

    Hell let's let every freeloading POS into the country and let the working stiffs pay for it, their anchor babies, their Obamacare, their food stamps, the free phones, computer and Internet access, cable, gas for their cars, rent...Damn I Love this Country....Light up your Smokes, sit on your arse, you have found the promised land....of course when 80% are receiving, and 20% working...that Sh*t is going to hit the fan....
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    Fixed it for you:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoot Gibson View Post
    Free Sh*t for everybody....

    Hell WE LET let every freeloading POS into the country and MAKE the working stiffs pay for it, their anchor babies, their Obamacare, their food stamps, the free phones, computer and Internet access, cable, gas for their cars, rent...Damn I Love this Country....Light up your Smokes, sit on your arse, you have found the promised land....of course when 80% are receiving, and 20% working...that Sh*t is going to hit the fan....

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