Bugging out! Just have to love June..
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Thread: Bugging out! Just have to love June..

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    Bugging out! Just have to love June..

    I got splattered last night, had to pull over near blinded and use a credit card to clear the shield..

    I was too p'vd to think about it and grab a pic.. I wish they would just head for the headlights.. between the headlight being covered and my shield I could barely see anything until I got off to the side..

    Funny Pics from the internet..

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    haha! I've looked like that a couple times! The time I remember the best was down by Mel's while taking highway 46 from 101 to Interstate 5. That is also the road James Dean died on in his Porsche if I remember right.
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    Wow that's a lot of bugs. I guess if you opened your mouth you could had a protein dinner. I'm just waiting to hit one of these Dobsonfly's on one of my river bottom rides.

    One of the largest flying insects in the US

    Of course the larvae (Hellgrammite) is the best damn fishing bait this side of the Mississippi River.

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    That's why when I ride to work I use a windshield. Helps anyway.
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