What The Heck Is Wrong With Fred's Gorilla Video Thread????
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Thread: What The Heck Is Wrong With Fred's Gorilla Video Thread????

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    What The Heck Is Wrong With Fred's Gorilla Video Thread????


    How many threads about close encounters with gorillas like this are there WERA679 ?

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    Is this the same "Fred" who once wore nothing but a side cover and threatened to remove it if people did not start behaving? If so, do we really want to piss him off?

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    You gotta be kidding DA. I think it was a year or so ago, primate threads ran rampant in the off topic area. It was horrible. People simply looking to ask a simple question about the best oil to use in a TW got sucked right in to those threads. It was like they saw "gorilla" in the caption and they just couldn't stop themselves from clicking. It wasn't their fault, the topic was just too seductive, to intriguing. Sparked all kinds of controversy. You had your gorilla people set up against your chimpanzee people. Some people argued for no primates in captivity. Others claimed the only way to protect them was to capture them all and put them in cages. It finally died down, but for a while there innocent newbie front tire inquires went unanswered.
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    Because we don't need 50 threads referencing the issue with politics here. Come one guys...beating this horse any deader isn't going to change anything. Wait for the poll to go up, and then vote your wishes. I'll be closing any new threads on this matter as soon as I see them. I expect the rest of the staff to do the same.
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    Neil, I changed Fred's title on that Gorilla thread. It is a perfectly ok video also. It's also very interesting so I unlocked it.
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