Found the TW wantabe.
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Thread: Found the TW wantabe.

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    Found the TW wantabe.

    Found the TW wantabe at Cabela's. Coleman® Trail 200 Mini Bike : Cabela's even has the racks.

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    You know, if it wasn't for the kick stand being on the other would be really hard to tell them apart! Good price too, probably good to get spare.
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    Aw shucks, it is restricted by law in California and cannot be shipped to California. Wonder, if they cannot ship to California can they at east ride it to California?
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    I'm looking for a beginner bike for my know, a first bike for training. These are CHEAP and NEW. They look simple and I bet they are darn reliable if not jumped all day.

    Anyone have one or one like this? Any issues?
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    Not allowed in California? Perfect! They must be a load of fun.

    No way the Calif Fun Cops would allow this in their perfect state.

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    Think it would do well as a kids yard/starter bike....definitely nowhere as cool as my Honda 80 minibike I started on in 1976

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    Got it beat!

    I think the Rupp Twin will out climb it!

    Rupp Twin.jpg

    The Coleman looks like everything built pre-1970!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reddog View Post
    Found the TW wantabe at Cabela's. Coleman® Trail 200 Mini Bike : Cabela's even has the racks.
    I know a guy that bought one of these except at the time a local Walmart had them. Same exact bike but it was red where Cabella's version is camo with the same black racks. Picked it up as a new in the box but discontinued item for $299 bucks. Hell of a deal. I called the store about 3 day after he bought his because he said they had at least 2 or 3 more. They were sold already. He got it for his son but I think he rides it just as much. LOL! I was gonna jump on one just because of the price knowing I could have fun on it around the house and sell it down the rode and recoup at least half of the $300 bucks.

    Seemed to be pretty decent quality and my guess top speed was about 30 MPH or so. It was pretty cool really for what it was. No TW by ANY means but it was way worth $300 bucks. $600 bucks...... not sure. At least for me. For $300 I was ready to buy a cheap toy scooter though. They way I saw it was $300 bucks doesn't buy you much but when you get into the $600 and a little more you are into some better low priced, low power used dirt bikes possibly.

    It seemed to be fairly rugged (within reason now fellas) and was pretty cool. Beats the hell out of peddling a bike too.....
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