My new Dual Fuel Generator, I call it big blue ! Kohler F head engine
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Thread: My new Dual Fuel Generator, I call it big blue ! Kohler F head engine

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    Cool My new Dual Fuel Generator, I call it big blue ! Kohler F head engine

    Ive been sniffing at this Gen at a building we own and I finally played with it,
    All the controls are wall mounted and are in good working order, Auto switch over and the like all clean and operational, This old bugger just is not used any longer and there is no need to leave in the building,
    I dont know the CI of the engine, But it sure does look like the old WW2 "Go Devil" Jeep engine,
    Runs on natural gas of regular pump gas, I fired it up on Natural gas as we done have pump gas hooked up to it,
    I would assume it would not be hard to run on regular fuel,
    Yes there is a crank on the front which does work,
    Now where am I going to put this ? ? ? ?
    I need a bigger basement, ! ! ! !
    Can any one tell me more about it,
    Looks like 120 and 220V and plenty to run my house as well as my neighbors,
    And better yet.
    Theres an elevator that goes to the basement for easy removal ! ! !
    Peter B
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    OK, thats the coolest gen set I have seen! Kolher has been around for many years and are one of the best I have ever worked on, but that old girl looks to have a cast iron oil pan and will be a heavy thing to move, good thing for the elevator! I have serviced new versions of this unit in some of the old fish camps here on the coast. They have custom made oil pans with deep sumps that hold 60 to 100 liters of oil so they can run for long times between services, and they run 12+ hours a day - everyday. If that were mine I would put a glass top over it and use it for a rec room table, just so cool to look at.

    If you do go to fire it up, change out the fuel lines first as the new gas will cause them to shed little black specs of crap that clogg up your carb in no time.
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    I'd love to have that!! Very Cool!!
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