Computer people, I have questions
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Thread: Computer people, I have questions

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    Computer people, I have questions

    Ten or twelve years ago I bought a computer new. In the box with it came complete directions on how to use it. No computer comes with directions anymore.
    Piss on the computer companies for that.
    Also included in the box were two discs. One was to completely wipe the computer clean
    and empty of everything. The second disc was to re program it back to what it was when purchased. Is it possible to buy these kind of programming discs or chips anymore?,
    I can take it to a computer shop and they can do it, but I would prefer to do it myself.
    When the shop does it , I have to wonder if the put in some kind of spyware in the fresh programming. The same goes for doing it by down loading from the internet only I am more certain that having it done by the internet is even more risky for spyware being included. Since Steve Jobs died, Apple has gone very far in this direction. Is there a way to purchase reprogramming devices that work with Mac air since it does not have any discs, it is solid state?

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    What you need is a program that you write to a CD disk that will allow you to "boot" the computer from it rather than from the hard disk. It then provides a process to "wipe" the hard disk. A couple free ones are:

    Darik's Boot And Nuke | Hard Drive Disk Wipe and Data Clearing

    Freeware Download [email protected] KillDisk

    This assumes you know how to burn a CD and make your computer start from a CD rather than the hard drive. Usually, you hold down the F12 key or the Delete key while pushing the on button and a "Boot Menu" appears.

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    I need to find a computer school that can teach me these things.

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    160 - The free tutorials is all you may need.

    You can buy an external USB DVD drive for the Mac range, that's what I have. Yes, most mac laptops have solid state "hard drives"

    You are safe installing Mac OS from the net.

    If you are worried about being spied on I suggest you pull the plug on the net now...if you use any of the big services (Google, Facebook, etc) they know everything about you now anyway. If you don't use those services then NSA has most of your (Meta) data and your ISP has EVERYTHING you have done online since you signed up!

    All this without a single bit of nasty software on your machine.
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    AGman is correct. NSA even knows which fish my cat likes. qxORg.gif
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