What kind of car is this?
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Thread: What kind of car is this?

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    What kind of car is this?

    Can anyone tell me what kind of car this is?

    what is it.jpg
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    Kaiser Darren?
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    Naw , it doesn't have the puckered lips front end, and the fenders aren't sculpted right.
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    My guess is AVANTI!
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    Old Fiat Spyder?
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    I agree on the Spyder though I'm no car expert it looks like a model I built once.

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    May be a Fiat Spyder.

    Nissan also made a British-Sportscar-like model in the early 1970s...IIRC, Toyota took a stab at it as well. The Japanese manufacturers coordinate models in a way that would be illegal in the States; and that's partly why they wind up owning pieces of one another. And the whole Japanese auto industry has its roots in British-cars-made-under-license. Nissan got back in civilian automobile manufacturing with the Austin engine - they purchased license to the design. There was some input with chassis design, also. Toyota borrowed in more general terms.

    But it was always to Britain that they looked for direction and inspiration...right up until the 1980s, when they started copying American ideas and then went ahead on their own. Always, one or more makers have had a traditional British-style "sports" car or an evolution thereof...the Miata is the current interpretation.
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    Car in question does bear a passing resemblance to Fiat Sport Spyders from late seventies but none of them sported a v-8 under the hood. The 124 Fiat's hoods for most years did hinge at the front also. However this 1980 Abarth clone lacks the upward bulge on the rear fenders. Unidentified car seems a little long for any FixItAgainTony models I recall. My guess is vehicle remains unidentified.1980_Fiat_124_Spider_Abarth_Clone_For_Sale_Front_resize.jpg
    I remember the 124 as being fairly easy to work on but fragile by modern standards. Not too many surviving examples these days...been a long time since I saw one rolling down the road.fiatspider2000-l-fd22422d6f310110.jpg20-1977-fiat-124-sport-spider-in-california-wrecking-yard-photo-by-murilee-martin.jpg13-1980-Fiat-Spider-Down-On-the-Junkyard-Pictures-courtesy-of-Murilee-Marting.jpg
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    Worse thing about the 124 engine was the bucket and shim valve adjustments...

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    Quote Originally Posted by troll View Post
    Worse thing about the 124 engine was the bucket and shim valve adjustments...
    I take it you don't like modern motorcycles...

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