Me and the rabid zombie Fox
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Thread: Me and the rabid zombie Fox

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    Me and the rabid zombie Fox

    Saturday morning I was jumped/attacked by a rabid fox.

    I went over to my moms house to take her few thing about 8am, I took one load in and turned around and went for the other load. I was walking towards the front of my truck to open the pass. door, about the time I passed the mirror, I cought a glimpse of something coming out from under the front bumper less than 2 feet from my ankle. When I turned to see what it was I immediately realized I was in trouble.

    It's amazing how many thoughts can go through your head in a 1/4sec. I chose running (and maybe little screaming like a little girl) to the back of my truck and jumping in the bed, (can't go over the side with rail mounted boxes) as iI rounded the corner I grabbed the ladder rack to swing up on the bumper which caused my chins to beaten up by my extended hitch but, I make it over and land belly first in the bed. I stand up and look over the tailgate to see this thing climbing onto the bumper, I start to head for the roof but noticed I had shovel, grab it, whack the fox off the bumper, whack it a few more times on the ground. Now it's just under my truck with its tail twitching. Now what to do?

    I then go up to the from of the bed and crawl in the window, back the truck up with out running it over (didn't want rabid blood and guts all over my truck) Grab my little Kel Tek .32 to shoot it but I'm shaking too bad hold a bead on it, so gab the shovel again to use as a rest. The for is lying down quartering away from me, I take aim about 8ft away and shoot it in the back of the head, AND IT GETS UP turning and coming for me again but this time it has brains sticking out just above its left eye. Now what to do?

    A little pocket .32 is not a good choice for a small moving target that is now less than 4ft. from your feet. So I drop the gun, swing the shovel side ways taking it off its feet and then proceed bash it a few more time until more brains are coming out and all movement has stopped. Now what to do?

    We call animal control, no answer, so we call the police who must have been board on a Sat. morning cause 2 cars show up in less than 5 min. It took them over 45min. to get animal control, who apparently like to sleep in onSat. mornings, to call them back. There answer was if it didn't bite or scratch anyone, double bag it and put in the trash. Called DNR which basically said the same thing. I cannot believe no one wanted to test this thing. With out any other options, I bagged and took it to my countys compacter, which I thought was a little than leaving it the can by the road.

    Lessons learned, 1 A .32 is no longer my truck gun 2 I'm too old fat and slow to be jumping into the back of a 4x4 truck 3 Don't call the cops.

    Things to do this week, go to an ortho and get my rotator cuff looked at, it's messed up pretty bad. My left shoulder with a shirt on looks like a have shoulder pad. Buy a Judge!

    Looking back it is one of the scariest and funniest minutes I've had in a long time.
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    A .410 Judge would have been effective. Glad you're OK other than skinned shins and a scary moment. I once found out a possibly rabid skunk does not immediately roll over and die from a few .38 full metal jacketed solids. The shovel sounded like the perfect last line of defense. I'ld say lesson #4 is to keep that shovel handy.
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    Sure... It is funny NOW.

    I carry a Warthog .45. But, the way you describe it, with my bad knees, I would have been bitten.
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    Zombies are real !
    I don't like just tossing the animal as the rabies virus can survive in the animal for several days and be passed on to another animal at the dump just as easy as it got into the Fox,
    Ive seen rabid Foxes here in Philadelphia, They are out in the daylight just standing there in a front yard or in the street and you can drive right up to them and they don't care,
    I carry a 38 just about every where I go, I really don't leave the house without one, Yes even when working on my car in my back yard, There are a few types of Zonbies and I don't want to be involved with any of them
    Im sorry for your interaction with the Fox, That stuff just sticks with you,
    If you can, Toss it in a freezer and see if the local SPCA will take it as they get incinerated and turned into bone meal and fertilizer,
    IF you have to just throw out, Try and get ahold of some lime and put a bunch in the bag before you dispose of it,
    Only need a few days before the Zombie virus dies, (Rabies)
    Gotta be careful out there !
    With society these days, There is no more hunting because its cruel,
    So were now getting Foxes and Coyotes and more in our yards eating our small dogs and pet cats and possibly going after US.
    Be aware,
    And carry of you're in a state which allows it !
    Peter B
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWilight View Post
    Rivershot, first...I am glad you were not bitten or scratched by this fox. Other personal injuries aside, which I hope you recover from quickly, if a person is bitten or scratched by a rabid animal, the one thing you want to keep intact on that animal is their brains.

    What happened with you is now hindsight, but for all in the future, if for any reason you are bitten by a rabid animal, and sometimes even scratched by a rabid animal, and you are able to kill the animal, the one thing that doctors the head of that they can test for rabies. You can save the rest of the carcass if you want, or if they request, but the head of the rabid animal is what they need...specifically the test for rabies.

    It was entertaining (to say the least) to read your story of plight and flight and fright above, but every time you shot that fox in the head, or swung that shovel and hit the fox in the head, and mentioned that the brains were hanging out...I cringed...because that is the material needed for testing for rabies.

    In a fight or flight situation, one rarely has the time to think through...gee...what parts to I need to save for the doctors to test. But info like this can help.

    Example: When someone (anyone) gets bitten on the toe(s) by a BAT that has somehow flown into the house in the dark of night, and if that BAT can get trapped or killed, you want to bag up the BAT, double bag it, and save it for animal control, so they can cut the head off it, and test it for rabies.

    By all means, avoid getting bit by any animal with rabies, as the protocol for treating rabies in a human is very painful, and is a series of shots into the abdomen. It takes some time, not over in a day or two.

    I understand all that but, at the time I just wanted a DEAD fox. I'm going to my Doc tomorrow to get a referral to an Ortho and I will also talk to him about possible bodily fluid contamination, as my shins were bleeding and fox blood was flying.
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    Great story. Thanks for sharing a moment you might want to forget.

    Had a student do the rabies series after being bitten by a gofer of all things. 5 shots over two weeks, in the arm or butt. Done in a doctors office. Cost about $5000.
    Still painful and expensive, but has got to cheaper than rotator cuff surgery.
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    rivershot: I'm glad to hear you're OK because I literally laughed out loud at your story.

    I had a similar incident with a giant skunk (I swear it was 20 lbs). I carry a 1911 and that dispatched it effectively... after missing 3 times.
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