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Thread: New toy

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    New toy

    Pick it up in the morning. Henry H012MR Big Boy Steel Carbine Lever 357/38 16.5" to go with my other western wheel guns I like the .357/.38 so I can afford to shoot them.
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    little brother. 12388099_10206762946824349_1316572710_n.jpg 12380163_10206762946464340_2039219608_n.jpg in .22LR fun gun. this will be my fifth Henry Rifle.

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    Nice! Tube fed, no loading gate... The loading gate on my Rossi is a bit of a pain. You pretty much need to use a cartridge as a tool to load every round.

    The Rossi of today is not what they were a decade or so ago, anyone who would consider buying one should look at it as a pre-assembled kit rifle, and be prepared to go through the entire rig & smooth it out, remove the useless pot-metal safety & plug it, plus a bit more work and you have an OK rifle. The one thing I can say for it is it has a very good barrel! Point being, rather than do as I did, buying a Henry rifle is money much better spent!

    Congrats Reddog! m.

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    Honey.....You wanted to know what you could get me for Christmas?
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    Love my henry .22, and the fact I can use shorts , regular or Long rifle... with the shorts it is very quiet
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