Trends in online advertising
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Thread: Trends in online advertising

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    Trends in online advertising

    OK, so I'm making a list of all the things that piss me off. Picture a scroll that (when rolled out) is about 20 feet long :-)... Anyway, the latest thing that is chapping my hide is this new advertising trend on web sites where a few seconds after opening the web page a window pop's up... not on the side of the screen... but right in the middle, obscuring or totally blocking content. Now I know web sites need sponsorship, but this approach is such an irritation. I'd like to make an analogy here with this. You're walking down a sidewalk and there are ads in the windows and maybe overhead. This is a reasonable approach to advertising. But what the web sites are doing with the 'in your face" popups is like walking down the same side walk, but instead of signs in the window, there is a guy wearing a sign-board and he steps out in front of you and forces you to walk around him (in that case, at least you would have the ability to punch the guy :-) I could kind of maybe understand it if it was effective and got results in selling their product, but I have to think other people are just like me in that I would never, EVER buy something from a company that pissed me off like that.
    I can not imagine that this new trend in advertising could possibly be effective.

    There. I feel better :-) I'm going to go ride the TW now :-)

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    There were some proposals a year or so ago fortunately rejected by auto manufactures to have heads up displays that flashed adds for businesses on your windscreen as you passed by. For example if you had ever bought with a credit card from Strarbucks every time you passed a Starbucks an add for them would pop up. There was heavy investment in projection technology back when cell phones were small. The idea was to project info onto flat surfaces. Rather the cell phone industry went to larger platforms like modern smart phones with big screens capable of higher resolution displays. I kind of miss those old small phones. My smart phone seems more of a marketing device than anything else. Plus the older phones seemed to have better reception in areas with poor cell coverage ( i.e. everywhere I like to ride). The few useful features like Earth , Maps, and social media access are far outweighed by dedicated marketing apps for stuff I have no interest in.
    Anyways those investors are still seeking commercial applications for projection technology and I fear advertisers will be first to buy into it. Imagine a Coca-Cola add visible on face of the moon, or every freeway overpass bearing an illuminated add for Tide or Pampers. Or imagine if driving a Ford every time your car detects a flat surface it projects a message " Buy Ford" or any other product that has paid Ford to advertise for them.
    While laws prohibit painted graffiti or billboard type adds on property one does not own nothing yet regulates projected imagery. There is money to be made in "In-Your-Face" advertising. I plan to boycott any products advertised thusly.
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    If someone has a decent product, word of mouth will do most of the advertising. Not a good product, in your face advertising might work on the easily fooled IMO.
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    It's so bad on the mobile that I refuse to try and browse the internet with it unless it's a dire emergency. AdBlock keeps me from seeing all that crap on the desktop thank goodness.
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