Too Close to the Ravine
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    This went bad fast:


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    same thing happened a few days ago to my buddy on his quad. went bad but coulda been alot worse...

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    I've seen this one before. I don't know why, but when he yells for "Jimmy", it cracks me up every time.

    2009 Yamaha TW200

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    Me and my friend actually both have done that. First time my friend was in front of me and I saw it. The other I was in front. Some seriously quick thinking saved both times. Both times we both went down over the edge and both of us totally did some Indiana Jones shit. Holding on for dear life to some tiny tree growing out of the ravine with one hand and holding on to the handle bar of the bike with the other. You'd be amazed with how much adrenaline is in a person that you can pull up a guy holding a bike.

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